Anno 1800, city-building in the industrial revolution


Expeditions are fun. You’ll love them :) BTW go with Ship of the Line. They can carry the best mix and you get great in-born naval power with them.


I really hate Beryl. First, I have to keep buying back shares because I’m guessing I lose control of an island if she gets a majority. Second, she allied with Qing and that wanker, Willy. They then declared war on me. My trade routes get sunk and I lose a new world island I spent a lot of time on. I threw in the towel after that.


Anyone else kinda tired of the music? It’s great music, but boy does it seem to repeat quickly.


I hit that point with any game where I turn the sound off and listen to other stuff.


9 games out of 10 I turn off the music. Gets in the way of podcasts.


Yeah, this is actually a wonderful game for watching something on the other display.


Yep she caused me to toss my 30 hours campaign. I could not keep pace.

Speaking of which… I don’t know how people manage this game when you get to the engineer stage. There is so much going on, so much to coordinate, things become so complicated. It’s pretty overwhelming with the introduction of electricity… which you kinda have to do since the demands of your people become so huge.

Also I didn’t let the AI expand for a super long time, so they were way behind economically and militarily. Now they’re way ahead of me already. Can’t imagine playing this at difficulty level above normal.


I think I’m done with Anno 1800 for now. I jumped right into sandbox (normal difficulty) and sunk 18 hours into it. I forgot my victory conditions, so I decided for myself, that if I could host a world fair exitbition, I had won. Having 5000 investors while maintaining a surplus workforce of 2000 engineers seemed like a lot of challenge, until it dawned on me, that I only needed to reach 5000 investors for the option to build the third stage world fair to unlock, and then I could downgrade 2000 of them back to engineers. At this time, my economy was pretty much unlimited anyway, with a +$50.000 or so (is that per minute or per second?). The (small) world fair exitbition yielded very powerful add-ons. Two +25% production and +15% crop tiles to any crop farm, so definitely worth the build earlier if possible.

I did not build the infrastructure to maintain the last 3-4000 engineers/investors, since there was more than enough income to just buy from competitors.

I really enjoyed the game, but there are a few things that annoyed me. Shortly after going electric, I was i the red. -$5000 or so. The economy status seems to show the status per island, and my main island was surprisingly making a $4000 profit. So I toured all islands, and they were all making profit??? I still have no idea where the total minus came from. And thus no real idea how to fix it fast, and I was bleeding. In the end I manually sold a lot of things and things corrected itself.

In my opinion, expeditions, the museum and the zoo are poorly implemented. They take up a lot of time and space, and they don’t really make that much of an impact. I stopped doing all of it mid-game.

Trade unions and especially electricity, on the other hand, are great additions, in my opinion.


The zoo reminds me of the culture artifact slots from Civ 6 :(


I pretty much stopped playing this. I am looking for a reason to continue. I think I only got about 15 to 20 hours of game time out of it. If anything, it has kind of kindled interest in 2070 again. I never bought any of its DLC.


I’m the opposit somehow. I got tired both of 1404 and 2070 after 20~25 hours, building everything there was an defeating some opponents.
I’m 34 hours* in (incl. the mediocre campaign) and enthusiasm’s still going strong. To me it seems there’s much more here to make it interessing in the long run. Maybe that changes once I have won my first game / seen it all.

*playing since last monday…that’s a huge amount of time I recognize :) Well, I was home alone for a few days and we have two weeks Easter holidays here. What a time sink that game is…


I’m somewhere in the middle. Playing in a sandbox with no AI enemies, I’ve gone further with this than any Anno title I’ve tried before. But that’s not saying much, as I usually bounce off them after a few hours. I’ve got a main city with Artisans, and just one colony, and I just discovered the New World, so I suppose I’m not that far along.

In theory I like the idea of juggling city and colonies, expeditions and trade routes, but in practice I find it all a little stress-inducing – even with no AI competition. I find myself sneaking out to play HOI4 or do other things instead.


I like it enough…to wait for a big sale. :\

Back to Imperialism 1 to scratch this time period itch!


I wish I’d waited for a big sale. I like it, but I don’t like it to the tune of $60!


I have not a single cent of regret over this.


Likewise and I purchased the season pass too.


Same! Once they boost the tourist income that might also make the zoos and museums more worthwhile. However, I hope they also consider adding some other effects for having rare things on display, that might be fun.

@jpinard I agree with you on the engineer stage jumping the complexity significantly. I’ll probably handle this the same way I have in other Anno games and take some time to significantly rework my production chains. I tend to keep as much production on my main island as I can until resource restrictions force me to use another island. It’s probably time to change that, especially since I can start using the commuter pier to help with handling more advanced production on other islands.


so how does this commuter pier work and when do you get it?

I intend to punt all of my heavy filthy industry off’n my main island when I get it and make two filthy production islands and one glorious city of lights.


As soon as you get to the engineers - but be aware that you need concret for it for which you need cement… and that’s not easy to come by at first.
You’ll need at least two of these harbors (at home and wherever you want to send people) which is making cement-things not easier. But once you have the two harbors it works magically. Workforce will be sent where needed - instantly.
Not working in the New World though.


I knew they exist so I prepared by putting trade posts on like four of the islands in the old world. That shit is all mine. I havent developed any of them so far, but I am about half way through the artisan stage so far.