Anno 1800, city-building in the industrial revolution

Did you lose your forum title related to Anno 2205?

Long way off, and rather vague information, but this certainly has possibilities.

I guess since donate through Patreon I get to choose a title - I just haven’t thought of one yet.

Wait, I can get rid of this “Patron!” thing?

The industrial setting sounds excellent. Why are the maps based on islands though? Are all Anno games like that?

Yeah, all the ones I’ve played have been on islands.

Yes. It’s a way of splitting up the population into settlements, each only able to produce a subset of the goods, so you have to trade between them.

Which is basically a description of the game, not just an explanation for the islands.

Looks really cool!

winter 2018…i may be dead by then

but yea, looks great

I had the “Patron!” title but it disappeared without me doing anything about it, which I’m OK with. It just was gone one day. There is a thread or you need to PM Tom to choose a new title.

I really do dislike games announcing so early. Don’t bug me until I can play your game in the foreseeable future!

Sucks that it’s more than a year out, but I can’t wait! I’m in agreement with others that the future settings just really didn’t do it for me. I played the games, I enjoyed them to a degree, but they lacked that hook that the historical ones had, which was a fun world to just exist in. This time period sounds wonderful for that.

That’s weird. I can’t see any reason it would disappear. You’ve apparently broken Discourse. Let me know if you decide you want a specific title.


Thanks Tom. If I can think of something to use for a title I’ll let you know.

Me likey.

When I briefly skimmed through the Gamestar article yesterday I think I saw a paragraph mentioning that the game is already in some sort of early access. Ubi has created their own community site for it, and the game can already be played. Early fan feedback is wanted this time, so that they can actually change stuff. At least they say.

edit: Their website is called Anno Union. Playtests are strictly controlled at the moment.

I was sad there hadn’t been more news about this since the announcement, but it turns out they’ve done some blog articles on Anno Union. This one discusses that they are keeping the multiple map setup from 2205 but also focusing on fewer, larger maps. They claim you can play a whole game on the starting map by trading for the goods not available on that map.

Oh nice, yeah usually all the news they put out is German focused, and we get scraps here and there.

I liked the multi-map thing they did with 2205, so I am glad its back as an option. I just want to set my trade route and see my little ship sail off the map. :)

Twitch thing from yesterday:

Wheat sway so good! Houses on an angle! As always the highest level of detail on everything.