Announcing a moritorium on Blizzard games

Yes I’ve come to realize that I’ve spent thousands of dollars on games and there are two that have been in my CD players since my son was born last June (with a 1 week interlude for SWKOTOR). Diablo II lord of destruction and Warcraft III the frozen throne. I am now throwing off the yoke of these opressive games in the name of enjoying the hundreds of other games I have picked up in the meantime. Who’s with me? I say we start a play your other games support group. I will swear off these two games for six months and let you know what the other 99% of my library is like.

You’re pretty much screwed when World of WarCraft comes out, as Mark and I can attest.

Good for you, I’ve been off the Blizzard bandwagon since Warcraft 2. For me it was simple, I don’t really like Diablo 1/2. While they are addicting, they just weren’t very fun for me. Kinda like Solitaire.

For Blizzards RTS games after War2, Starcraft/Warcraft 3. Well Total Annihilation has ruined all other RTS games for me. Everytime I try to get into a new RTS game I just want to scream at the monitor about why the gameplay mechanics and interface are basically just evolved versions of War2 or C&C. If only someone would just remake Total Annihilation with a modern graphics engine (with higher poly units) and modern internet matchmaking (with voice chat). The sound effects, music and gameplay mechanics are still the best. That new Gas Powered Games RTS ‘Supreme Commander’ better be that.

I realized I’ve been playing Diablo 2 since last June. I finally stopped in December and dug into the backlog.

Since December I’ve gotten through Giants: Citizen Kabuto, Anachronox, and Jedi Knight II (which shows you what my backlog is like).

Last week I finally got back to Brood War. I got stuck on the last Protoss mission sometime last year and it’s just been sitting there since then.

Damn, I got sucked back into Blizzard.

Fight the evil that is Blizzard.

Wow I’d like to say how cool my game collection is. So far I’ve been enjoying Fire emblem, Age of wonders shadow magic, and dominions 2. Cool thing is that I can play Internet poker at the same time and have won $70. There’s no way I would have won that money if I would have been playing Diablo II,

Yup I’m weak, for some people it’s coconut cream pie and for me it’s a new free patch. I’m installing warcraft III as we speak and I can see another night of my other game collection getting wasted. I was a nice run without those blizzard games in the way. I’ve played through a map on age of wonders, a few missions of final fantasy tactics advance. I have a college basketball team, a disgaea save game with 59 hours into it and have started ratchet and clank through a couple of missions. Too bad it’s all gonna be wasted because I fear I won’t get back to half of those games.

All that gaming goodness gone to waste because of a stupid goblin hero.

I really need another Starcraft :( I don’t like orcses.