Annoying Pirates! bug

Would have posted this on their official message boards, if they had one :(.

Anyway, has anyone else noticed…the wind only blows east to west…and NEVER changes? Annoying.

Are you playing at the lowest difficulty level? You have to bump it up a notch to get the wind to move. Though it does predominantly blow west, the variation is between NW and SW :D

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature. :)

The wind in the Caribbean in Pirates always blows west. It might blow NW or SW depending on your location, but there is always a westerly component.

At least it’s not nearly as bad to sail east back along the spanish main as it was in the original. Trying to get around the peninsula by Maracaibo was always a nightmare.

When you’re trying to go east, storms are your friend–you get quite a speed boost by skirting along their edges.

On higher difficulty levels, the windspeed will also vary. Bad things happen when you enter into a ship battle in a bad position with the wind only blowing at two or three knots.