Annoying Podcast Problem

Okay, about every other week I run into this incredibly annoying problem with downloading podcasts using Itunes.

The podcast downloads (I have half a dozen podcasts subscriptions) and I can see it in Itunes. But then when I try to play the podcast (or synch to my Ipod), Itunes tells me it can’t find the podcast and gives me the opportunity to find it manually. I click OK on the dialog and have to drill down into the file system. When I get to the right file, I find that it’s named something generic like “download.mp3”. If I check the properties of the file, I can find the title of the podcast. If I switch the file name to the match the title ({title}.mp3), Itunes can find the file. If I leave it with the generic file name (download.mp3), Itunes continues to not be able to find it, even though I have drilled down and shown Itunes exactly where the file is. (Stupid Ituens!)

Very annoying. This is easier to fix than it is to explain. But it’s also a pain in the ass to do every other week. What’s up with Itunes? I keep upgrading to see if this gets fixed, but it continues to happen. Is there a better (free) podcast download manager than Itunes?

I have over 1,000 podcast episodes downloaded in iTunes (free tune of the day podcasts, etc. all add up) and I’ve never seen this problem. So something must be amiss in your installation. Maybe try uninstalling the app, wiping your iTunes folder, and reinstalling?

Wow, this happens on my wifes computer and my computer at work. I haven’t seen it on my home PC, but I don’t use Itunes on that PC. How odd that you never see it. I assumed everyone had this problem.

I’ve been getting these recently. Other than confirming that they exist, I can offer no help.

This week’s GFW podcast did this. I was in a rush, so I just unsubbed and resubbed and that fixed it.