Another 360 thread, cause

I finally got one. I hadn’t intended to get one until mid to late March, but my wife suprised me with a eBay Premium. Should be here this week. Man, you know you made the right choice when she buys you your SECOND game console. So what if she paid a few bucks more (it was actually very reasonable, only a $50 markup. . . and hey, gift horse).

Anyway, I’ll be getting COD2 for sure, but is anything else worth owing versus renting? (I plan on renting Gun, Condemed).

I’m not a big driving games fan, so PGR3 and NFS:MW are out.

Sports titles are . . . meh. I had a lot of fun with NHL '98 back in the day. NFL2K5 was pretty fun. Is the Madden game good? Did they screw it up or is it decent?

I guess what I’m asking is, what games can I get to show off the HDTV and DTS Digital Surround sound? What’s impressive and has some lasting power? Should I just wait until Oblivion and The Outfit and play Geometry Wars?

By the way . . . it’s not in my greedy little hands yet but already I’m salivating. Waaa hoo!

Insert your witty mini impressions here.

I think PGR3 and DOA4 are the two games that show off the HDTV features the best. Perfect Dark Zero also looks really nice in HD, but the game itself is a mixed bag.

Oh, and Fuck Kameo.

Someday I too will own a gaming system that can play Call of Duty II and that will allow me to download casual games for a nominal price. Hopefully this device will come with a hard drive too and a remote. Maybe it will have live chat features that allow my to chat with friends and family members too.

Too bad the 360 is so hard to come by, for now I can only dream of having such a machine in my home.

Congratulations, ElGuapo, but hopefully next time the wife will get you something with good games on it! BTW, if you don’t have an Xbox 1, I think you’re better off getting some choice backwards compatible titles instead of anything for the 360 per se.

If by ‘mixed bag’, you means ‘overall quite bad but with multiplayer that occasionally elevates it’, then I agree. In other words, hardly worth the price, much less the time.

Dude. What? Really?


You know, it’s funny, I just picked up Chronicles of Riddick as a platinum hit, which is pretty good so far. The jaggies however are driving me crazy. So I go and check out the list of backwards compatible to see if it’s on there.

Denied! Far Cry Instincts isn’t on there either. Seems the newer games aren’t on there.

Well, we all know what I’ll say in the first place.

Secondly: Gun is good but definately a rental. Condemned is also a good but rental material. Fight Night round 3 is coming out soon and it looks cool, the demo is fun. Kameo is pretty great.

Too bad you don’t like the racing because PGR3 and NFS:MW are both pretty fab. I received Ridge Racer 6 from Gamefly the other day but haven’t tried it yet. I also like DOA 4 but it loses it’s appeal really quickly.

I really think Tom is enjoying this.

Anyone spotting more 360s in the wild now? Saw something like ten of them at my local Wal-Mart last night. Even mix of Premium and Retard Packs, too.

Apparently Moore says the shortages will be totally over in another four to six weeks.

Me, I’ll still wait for Gears of War, Ninety-Nine Nights (US release already people, come on!!!), and a few others. Probably won’t take the plunge until late 2006 when MS drops the price to further undercut Sony’s PS3 release.

Not a Ridge Racer fan I’ve discovered.

What you are looking for is March.

Elder Scrolls Oblivion
The Outfit
Burnout Revenge
Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter
Battlefield 2
Blazing Angels
Dynasty Warriors 5 ( really?)
Far Cry Instincts Predator

April has some good titles, May not so much neither is June but July has Gears of War etc.

I think March alone will have enough to keep me busy.

March is going to be fantastic.

Far Cry Instincts isn’t on there because Ubi is packing an enhanced version of the game with the 360 SKU of Far Cry Instincts Predator. But, yeah, there are all too many newer games that aren’t on the list.

Yeah, I saw the Far Cry Instinct Predator game just now. It’s a great game, but no way I’m paying for it twice at full retail.

Ghost Recon: Advance Warfare looks pretty. The abolity to call in air support and tanks is a huge step up. Also:

From Christian Allen, who is working on the game:

. . . 16-player cooperative play. . .

That sounds pretty sweet.

Also, the more I read about The Outfit, the more it looks like my kind of game:

  • Set in WWII, so I get to kill my 1,000,000th nazi
  • Fully descructible environments. We’ll see how that works. I love the concept
  • Air drops of tanks and fixed machine guns (like Mercenaries)
  • Ability to control a squad and face off versus others online with their squads (like Freedom Fighters)
  • Fantastic looking explosions

It all adds up on paper to a great idea. I might buy this one right out of the gate.

16 sounds kidna small for me IMO. Guess it’s alright for squad level stuff.

Is the 360 bf2 going to be the crap ps2/xbox one- but pretty or is it a super pretty, full on, battlefield experience ala the pc version, w/ at least 32vs32 support?

Its gonna be the crap ps2/xbox one - but at least its gonna be SUPER SUPER pretty according to EA.

You’re going to need to specify a year when referring to Elder Scrolls games.

It does look pretty from the shots I’ve seen, but thats a shame. Why bother grabbing a nice studio, have them pump out their great games for pc, and then for the larger market (consoles) put out a shit socom copy? I mean, socom is dogshit, and the console BF2 seems like a crap socom.

Also, just a head’s up:

King Kong Demo just popped up on Marketplace. Downloading now…

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But didn’t Socom sell like a grabillion copies?

Yes. So did driv3r