Another 360 thread, cause

Oblivion is about the only thing I’ve seen so far that would really induce me to get a 360, that and all of the good things I’ve been hearing about XBLA…

If you want to demo your HD set I don’t think you can do better than Kameo, especially on a DLP. I think it’s a fun title to play too, but not as good as the Zelda’s. Fairly close though, and graphically it’s just amazing. Not to long though, probably should rent first obviously. It also has a well documented personality split between adult and kiddies, which some people can’t deal with.

Condemned looks like crap in a screenshot ,but really comes alive on the HD set. Lots of fun too, but once again, rather short. I wasn’t expecting to like this title all that much but 10+ hours of banging the crap out of bums actually IS entertaining. Who knew. Paper cutter for the win!

What’s different about DLP sets?

DLP’s tend to look really good on bright, colorful images like what pixar produces. Dark movies and shadows… not so much.

Knowing how short Condemned is, I have to say I still really want to play it after playing through the demo.

Am I the only person on these boards who enjoyed SOCOM?

Actually I find my DLP does a bang up job with the darks.

Oh, and yeah at least rent Condemned it’s really well done for the most part.

The 16 player thing … but that’s for CO-OP. Taking 15 other gamers and holding out against a massive wave of AI attacks, or doing an actual “downed pilot” or whatever mission sounds fantastic to me. Hopefully the missions will scale in difficulty with the number of players.

It arrives Wednesday! Can’t wait. I thought I was over the 360 hype and wanted to wait until late spring, but now that I’m getting one I’m looking forward to the new crop of games and Arcade.

I’ll echo Jason’s sentiments about your feelings towards racing games. Both PGR3 and NFS are great. PGR3 is exactly what you are looking for if you want to show off your 360. It’s the best looking (and best game) on the system.

Kameo became the first 360 game I completed over the weekend. If you like the Zelda titles, this is an easy buy. It looks great and adds a fire breathing dragon to the Zelda formula. I know a lot of people call it short but it took me about 15 hours. I did, however, stop to smell, and pick, the roses (or whatever those flowers were).

Perfect Dark would be a guarded purchase. If you liked the N64 version, you should probably pick it up. It seems to me that they almost made the game they wanted. That almost feeling is pretty prevalent, in fact. That said, there’s a good variety of stuff in there. I’ve had a lot of fun with the multiplayer and look forward to playing through the game in co-op. If you primarily play PC shooters, you might want to stay away. It’s a console shooter and it won’t wow you enough to make up for the differences between the two.

Let me put it this way. Burnout 3, while a pretty fun game, is more for me about the crashes and the Takedowns than the racing. I don’t own any other racing games besides it. If you count the GTA games, that’s the closest I have. You could make a racing game absolutely photorealistic and have Playboy models standing on the unbreakable barrier flashing you as you went by, and I still wouldn’t play it. Ok, maybe then I would, but you get the idea.

My brother, on the other hand, has dozens and dozens of them. Different floats for different boats, I guess.

GR:AW looks pretty. Have you seen the new shots on Gamespot (also ripped and in a top thread on GAF)?

Oblivion is a must have. I guess I have a month of CoD2 and Arcade. Oh yeah, and Xbox, PS2, and PC. Heh.

hey… .co-op sounds pretty cool in that case. i’ve never played co-op anything w/ more then 3 other peoole.

yeah…what? Kameo’s the most underrated game on the 360.

ElGuapo - if you don’t like driving games, then Kameo and DOA4 might be worth picking up. DOA4 is a maybe - it does what it does really well, but some people just don’t like that style of fighting game and prefer something a little less frantic and button-mashy. I find that I’m not very GOOD at the DOA games, but I have a great time playing them.

Condemned is TOTALLY worth playing through, there are some totally freakin’ awesome moments even if the train tunnels goes on a bit long. But there’s not much to do once you beat it, and you can do that in a few days, so rental is the way to go.

I’m really mixed on Perfect Dark Zero. There were times when I couldn’t believe Rare made such stupid, stupid decisions. Then there were times when it was “on” and I was having a real blast. The whole thing could have been dramatically improved by more consistant difficulty and a lot more checkpoints. But more to the point - the multiplayer is really pretty awesome once you get used to it. It’s not Halo and it’s not like most PC shooters. The feel and flavor of the multiplayer is quite different, and it takes a little time to acquire the taste.

Better yet, it adds a mortar-shooting fire ant. Thermite RULES.

Yes, he so does.

As a counterpoint, I’d suggest staying away from both Kameo and Condemned. Kameo won’t kill your dog or anything, so you should still go for it if you like mediocre platformers with good graphics.

Condemned, though… ugh. Unless you lap up masochistic gaming cliches and beg for more, stay far away.