Another $80 down the drain: Guitar Hero for the 360

Bought the game already, why do they have to improve it so much?

News here.

10 new songs, including:

* Billion Dollar Babies (Alice Cooper)
* Dead! (My Chemical Romance)
* Hush (Deep Purple)
* Life Wasted (Pearl Jam)
* Rock N Roll Hoochie Koo (Rick Derringer) 

TeamXbox was also told that three of the remaining five exclusives are Possum Kingdom (Toadies), Salvation (Rancid) and The Trooper (Iron Maiden), all of which will be part of the main gameplay. The remaining two are currently unannounced, though they will only be unlockable through gameplay. Additionally, Dead! and Possum Kingdom will be “master tracks,” meaning that they’ll be the respective bands’ original recordings, rather than the studio remakes that make up the rest of the tunes in the game.

TeamXbox was told that the publisher expects to make a batch of songs available on the day that the game hits stores, so players can immediately expand the playable song list. A RedOctane spokesperson stated that he expects the company to announce aspects about the first batch of downloadable tunes some time in February.

Pretty much resigned myself to have two pretend guitars.

Down the drain of AWESOMENESS!

If I liked more of the songs, maybe.

Dude… The Trooper!

Yeah. Without a tear I draw my parting groan, and stuff.

I don’t know about the 2nd game, but I sure would like to see some surf rock. Dick Dale, or whatever.

I’d totally buy it for possum kingdom alone.


OK, I’ll be buying a 360 for this.

This is the second story on GH for 360 I’ve read and still not one mention if the controller is wireless.

The controller is not wireless.

no sale! Sheesh MS release the wireless protocol already! Once you’ve tried the red octane wireless ps2 controller you don’t want to go back.

Same deal.

It’s on my radar now, before it wasn’t. The idea of being able to purchase more songs via XBL gives me a chubby, provided the songs do not consist of nu-metal whinery. MOAR THRASH PLZ!!!

See, now this is exactly why I didn’t buy the PS2 version.


It’ll feel wrong plugging a controller into the geegaw, but still, on balance, rock.

Just the PS2 version of Guitar Hero II? Because having I and II on PS2 is probably fine. I can’t even begin to imagine the nickel and diming that’s going to happen with songs on Live Marketplace. You’re going to end up paying like $150 til it’s all said and done.

There’s nothing wrong with that, if you don’t mind paying by the song, but it seems like a PS2 and I and II are a better value.

As long as the 360 version comes with all of the songs on the PS2 version (which, AFAICT, it does, plus some new ones), I don’t have any problem with them nickel and diming on XBLA for extra songs. You don’t need to buy 'em.

Plus achievements == better value!

If ever there was a game crying out for microtransactions it’s Guitar Hero. As long as they price it right, with songs being between $1-$2 it will be awesome. It gives you the flexibility to pass on the crap songs and only get the ones you think rock, and would be inline with itunes like song pricing. My only worry is they come out and try and hit us with $5 a song or worse, or they force bundle songs in packs.

Oh, and while achievements are nice, having leader boards for each song will be awesome.

Oooooh, master version of Possum Kingdom?

I wasn’t going to get this but now … yeah. It’s gonna have to be done.

I’m totally going to wait on this until Red Octane makes a wireless 360 control, then snag a 360 + control + game. :) That should give me about a year to clear out my backlog…