Another auto GPS thread

OK - being completely without a sense of direction, and getting tired of getting lost going to a business dinner, meeting, cool new restaurant, sports bar, etc. in our new town, I’m pulling the trigger on a new GPS.

I have a $300 gift card to Best Buy (the result of a complaint letter I wrote to Best Buy) and have decided on the Garmin Nuvi 350. Tough choice, and I’d like bluetooth, but the “must haves” are spoken instructions, good maps, lots of POIs, ability to update POIs, easy to read screen. And price has to be pretty close to $300 and need to be able to get it from BB since that’s where I’ve got the gift card.

Some basic questions:

  1. I see that you can download POIs from third parties for the Nuvi 350, and the download sites claim more POIs than what comes standard with the unit. Does Garmin make updated POIs available? And what happens when I d/l POIs from a 3rd party and there are now two POIs in the unit for the same location?

  2. How is BB’s price match policy? I see they have the 350 at $399, while I see Walmart and Target both (online) have it for closer to $300, and Amazon has it for around $300.

I went to the hip and got a street pilot, came with a year free MSN service… The thing Rocks!

Well, I purchased a Nuvi 350 Friday at the local Best Buy. They had it at $399, I brought in a print-out of a Walmart web page that had it for $309, and even though it said on-line price only, they matched it with enthusiasm. Picked up the little sandbag mount too, since we’ll use it in a couple of cars. With my gift card it came out pretty close to free.

So far it’s very cool. But I did notice that the maps and POIs seem a little dated. Even though it has the “NT 2008” maps, there’s a street with the local Verizon store that isn’t in there, and a Starbucks that’s been here at least since March of 2007 isn’t listed. Someone noted that the 2008 maps came out in summer of 2007, and was compiled in late 2006.

One question: I see third party POI sets, and this has the ability to take them, but, for example, let’s say I enter a third party Restaurants POI set. What happens when I want to find a Starbucks and there are duplicate entries for the same store, the one that came in the Nuvi set and the one with the add-on set?