Another Batmobile thread

This is almost like an Onion news story, it’s so stupid. Look at that thing – Mattel actually had to release it into the market before they figured out that the two sharp points at the end might poke some kid’s eye out?

That thing is all jagged edges and sharp points. Maybe Mattel’s next new toy should just be a rusty band saw.

How about the Bag O’ Glass? ;)

Oh, that’s so lame! What kid wants to play with a Batmobile where all the points have been rounded off?

“Hey, wanna play with my new Batman toys?”

“Nah, we did that yesterday”

“Alright then, this time let’s not use our hands! Let’s push them around the room with our faces!”

Uber-Batgeeks everywhere rejoice at the news - oh, the money those recalled ULTRA RARE WOW L@@K toy cars will rake in on Ebay.

Sounds like a winner. Just be sure to put a warning label on every bag that says, “Kid! Be careful - broken glass!”

But that’s just my opinion, you know what I mean?

Maybe Mattel can just donate them to the LAPD. I’d imagine they wouldn’t have to buy any of these for quite a while.

Bag O’ Glass is education, the kids can learn about prisms light, errraheeeyea know what I mean?