Another Bush Election Thread


Looks like Bush is going to go for another 4 unless he seriously fucks it up in the next year or so. I mean, everyone said the same of Bush Sr., but Jr. really has all the Republicans and the 9/11 convertees in his pocket.

I am going to pre-empt any predictable nonsense by adding this to the thread:

Bush was not elected the first time. He was selected.

There. Now, can we never ever hear this sentence again? Please.

IIRC, Clinton did not rear his ugly head (pun intended) until only a year prior to the election. Bush Sr. was a shoe in after the Gulf War. Gore could not win either after coming off a “successful” two term Democratic president.

Who the hell knows is my answer.

After watching Howard Dean interviewed on the Lehrer News Hour, I’m warming to him.

Can you imagine a Dean/Bush debate? Dean would sodomize him on live national television.

I think I’ll be voting for Dean in the primary just to see the debate happen. (Not that it would; Rove would be a fool to send Bush to that guillotine.)

Dean reeeeealllyyyy needs to get his name out there or at least out here. Kerry, Gephardt, Lieberman have their names heard down this way now and again, but Dean’s name is not on the map yet. Maybe he can pull a Clinton.

That many choices is way too confusing for us Floridians… :lol:

No matter what, I will vote against Bush*. Having a moron for a president is just too much.

*Well, unless the Dems run Sharpton. Which they won’t.