Another crazy stupid Texas politician

Robert Byrd was a member of the KKK… or did you forget that, arctangent.

Nice thread, idiot.

And Strom Thurmond was a rapist. What’s your point?

Er, that was his point, Ed.

Old Senators suck is his point?

His point, I suppose, was that if you are going to criticize a Republican for praising a KKK member you should also criticize a Democrat for being one.

Sort of a variation of the “Clinton was worse” technique, but easy enough to get the gist of it.

Yes, but Byrd quit the KKK for over 50 years ago and acts quite contrite about ever being a member.

Did Thurmond ever repudiate being a rapist or Forrest being an evil bastard?

His point, subtle beyond belief as it appears to be, is that quoting a a Confederate general does not indicate support for the KKK. Get their “firstest with the mostest” is a goddamn platitude, not an endorsement of violence against African-Americans.

God, you lot are so fucking stupid it causes me physical pain. Please stop being so stupid. I’m asking as a personal favor. How is this news?

What kind of illness induces someone to regard something like this an a moment worthy of seizing as a political point?

The KKK criticism is nonsensical. Quoting a general who rebelled against the United States about putting down a rebellion is grade-A comedy, however.


No, he just ordered the Klan to disband.

Never mind then.

That statue really communicates the poise and competence of a general.

Also, yeehaw!

Suppose its just the angle of the shot, but I think he’s riding a unicorn while waving a gun around with blood-crazed eyes.