Another desktop wallpaper thread

It’s been a little over a year since the last one, so show us your desktop!

Here’s mine - it’s a piece called “Down for the Count” from a DeviantArtist named “poopbear.”

Though the background changes every 10 minutes.

Been using this about three months:


curl -O


# I could, presumably, pipe the above curl command into this instead
for bla in `grep "\"ap.*html" archivepix.html | cut -f 2 -d \"` ; do

	echo "Getting ${APODROOT}$bla"
	getlist=`curl ${APODROOT}$bla 2>/dev/null | fgrep "a href=\"image/" | cut -f 2 -d \"`

	# Might get more than one gettee
	for gettee in $getlist ; do

		if [ ! -e img/`basename $gettee` ] ; then 
			pushd img
			echo "Getting ${APODROOT}$gettee"
			curl -O ${APODROOT}$gettee </dev/null 2>/dev/null &
			# Slight throttle so we don't overload on curl's
			sleep 1
			echo "Already have `basename $gettee`."



A wee bash script that’ll download every APOD image in full quality, including GIFs and videos. Should work on either Linux or Mac without modification. If you own a Windows box, Cygwin is your friend.

I’ve set my desktop background to one of the aurora photos, but my favorite is:

I made this in PS real quick for myself, it’s the recently released Andromeda image, cropped with blackbars added for icon placement, 1280x1024

I took this one at the Australia zoo. It’s a little busy for a desktop but I tend to use the Aero bar rather than have a ton of folders anyway.

I change mine a lot based on whatever game I’m playing or looking forward to. When I was playing through Mass Effect 2 I couldn’t find an official desktop that I liked, so I captured this screenshot and am still using it as the background.

Hah, where can I get a hi-res copy of that?

Here’s a high res version

It’s 1600x1200 7mb or so.

Personally I like the one of Count von Count sucker punching Rachel Maddow up top.

I read that as Count von Count Sucker.

I have a fondness for pretentious, meta bullshit.

What?! Surely no.

… and good troll, Kerzain.

Demon’s Souls.

Gremlinclr, that is awesome!

I don’t think I ever see my desktop, so I couldn’t remember what was on it. Minimized everything and found it was blank black.

That’s what I use at work too.

Currently still showing a screenshot from Guild Wars, although I haven’t actually played it for months. Pretty good image quality for a game that’s now 4 years old, I must say.