Another desktop wallpaper thread

If those guys had M4 carbines, they could be a 70s version of the Kill Bill squad.

It looks weird, but I have 2 monitors. That’s just one of my set of “Game” wallpaper that changes every 10 minutes.

It’s hard to maintain the awe of a massive dragon beast when you have a pink kitty clock sitting beside you.

My current wallpaper.

Mine’s a pic of my wife that I took while she was cleaning the kitchen.

That her “If you don’t put down the camera and help me, I’ll kill you” look.

Thats the same wallpaper I use!

I use this shot I took at the Berlin Natural History Museum. I like it, though I really need to go into Lightroom and lurid up the colors a bit more.

The background images line up a little better in real life because of a difference in monitor size and height, but they aren’t perfect.

Incidentally, it’s our 13th wedding anniversary today.


I didn’t realize GW could look that good. Worlds better than WoW. Some anti-aliasing and bloom could make that image a little nicer.

Along the top: Stuff just downloaded, Qt3 podcasts I never get around to listening too, various storage folders, stuff for games I’m playing. The stuff on the bottom is all related to work.

The background I picked up while surfing recently from

My current image, taken when I visited Barcelona last year.

Nice photo, what is it of? Something by Gaudi?

Yes, good call. Statues at the top of Casa Mila (aka La Padera).

Fuck yea, Travis Bickle is a bad ass.

Currently have this on my laptop - it’s the cover from A Song For Arbonne and reminded me that I really need a re-read.

Forgot to add a link to the image.The original is by John Howe: