Another Five Nights at Freddy's game is out, but this one is free


Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator is a surprise release from creator Scott Cawthon that is a lot more than it appears to be in screenshots. The innocuous-sounding low-res game holds some secrets for aficionados of the series.

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Ha, I like this already.


Hey awesome! I love the Freddy’s games, they’re a great little ten minute distraction.


I gotta get this out of my system…

So yeah, basically, it’s FNaF 6.

It’s brilliant. It’s the most interesting FNaF since the first one.

The original had a subtext of minimum-wage workplace-horror going for it. This one turns the tables: now you’re the franchisee trying to make as much money as you can. So now there’s a dopey sim game before the usual FNaF gameplay. And there is a link between the two. Just as in the first game you’re punished for being antsy and wasting power, thus accelerating your own demise for being nervous, in this one the point of the game is to punish greed.

Every cost-cutting measure can literally mean your doom. Bargain-bin articles can hide deadly robots. After every level, you can salvage an animatronic for cash. Fail and it will infest your restaurant, making the game harder from now on. You can shock the robot for your safety, but the game tells you that doing that will affect the resale value. You do want more money, don’t you?

A sponsorhip should be free money, right? I’m in! Except now ads pop up on your terminal for a few potentially deadly seconds.

And the price of your greed doesn’t seem to wear off after a while. It adds up, it snowballs. The game encourages you to dig your own hole, bit by bit. Creepy.

And it’s free! What a guy. Despite what some may say, Scott Cawthon is doing original stuff and really has his own voice, even if what he says with it is often “BOO !”


Not sure if this is the place for this, but another Freddy game came out two days ago, free again. I guess the name says it all, you make your own challenges, presumably to the delight of your Youtube audience.