Another Free DOD:S Weekend! (july 7)

To celebrate 2 new maps and gameplay, this weekend, DOD:S is free again!

So QT3 will be having another server up. What days times should we make try and meet? I am thinking friday and sunday - give me some feedback on times.


Oh awesome. I’m not fussed about the days… because I’ll probably have to work (stupid seven day weeks!)

Does this server have an IP or will it have an easily recognizable name. Started pre-loading yesterday before my computer BSOD with a nvidiafat*.sys error…

You can always filter on QT3 - the server is not yet up, will be sometime later today.

Roger Wilco. :-)

DOD in non-source was fun, looks cool from the videos I’ve seen of the “source” version.

For a game that I hated when it first came out I sure do like it a lot now.

I haven’t had it installed for quite a while, but I’m up for a game.

Woohoo sounds great! I’m up for any day really.

I’m looking forward to this.

EDIT: Is the preloader crashing anyone else?

Yup, boots me too. Initially it complains about the servers begin overloaded, but then it bothers me about not having enough disk space, and I don’t think it’s really > 4 Gb is it?

  • Alan

I got it to work eventually, but only after I rebooted, disconnected my iPod, and closed other programs down.

Indeed, rebooting seemed to do the trick, and I freed up some extra disk space for good measure. Now I just need to get Roger Wong to install this so I can ambush him again.

  • Alan

Crashed me twice now… dont think i’ll bother trying a third time.

Server: POE - QT3 DoD:s
No Pass*

If you have steam installed you can just click this link

Server open all weekend.
But group times:
Friday at 10pm EST (I will not be there but will be on later)
Sunday at 10pm EST (I will be there)

*Sunday, if it gets busy the password will be: shill

Feel free to suggest other times. Also if the server has just a few people, stick around it fills up if people stay.



Will be there shortly, thanks Chet!

-edit- Some weird latency going on with the server I noticed. On the server list it shows at around 2,000 ping while in it I’m at roughly 40, but with some very bad hitching.

Ok I’ve done a traceroute to it from HLSW and the routing of my signal goes apeshit once it hits ThePlanet portion of it all. I’ll attach a pic if that helps any.
If there’s anything I can do to help isolate the problem any further (if it isn’t just on my end that is) just let me know.

Thanks Chet! We had some 3 vs. 3 going for a bit, but attendance dropped off sharply after about an hour. Anyhow, hope to see more Qt3ers on Sunday.

  • Alan

Argh. I forgot all about this. Sorry Alan. You’ll have to trap me next time.

Anyone planning on playing tonight? I’ll keep checking the server.

I’m definately up for some fragging tonight.

edit: maybe remove the password to get more peeps on?