Another freebie: Pandemic 2

I think this one has been out for a while, but it just showed up on my radar and it’s extremely addictive. I’m talking about Pandemic 2, a flash based strategy game where you want to evolve a disease that wipes out all of humanity. It is one of those simple to understand, difficult to master games, mostly because fucking Madagascar closes their ports if they hear a couch anywhere in the world.

I started out with a parasite, which I called thamer’s parasite. The only symptom was fatigue, which kept people from considering it important, and the first infected country was Canada. As your infection spreads, you get evolution points, which I spent on making sure that thamer’s disease was waterborn and airborn. It started spreading moderately until I started buying up immunities, then it exploded. It was on 5 continents before the first death even occured.

Unfortunately, that first death caused Greenland, Madagascar, and Japan to go to fucking Defcon 5 and they closed their ports and airports. Jerks, thamer just wants to share his love with you. Anyway, since his cover was blown, I quickly ratched up the drug resistance as high as I could, then started making the parasite as lethal as possible.

End result? Thamer’s Parasite mutated to become vaccine resistant when the world governments finally managed to create a vaccine, and everyone outside of those three goddamn island nations perished.

It’s very fun. The key is definitely to be low key until you have infection spread as far as possible, THEN become as deadly as possible.

Here’s a thought. Start in Madagascar next time.

After that awesome bit of advice I’m going to check out the game. I think I’ll pick datter’s diarrhea disease.

Frankly, audible couches scare me just as badly as they scare Madagascar. Talk about unnatural.

I wonder if this game has anything to do with the cooperative board game Pandemic, where you’re trying to stop said pandemic.

You are so on the Watchlist now.

re: couch. Yeah, I do that one all the time, I just didn’t catch it this time. MY BAD


Is it game over as soon as an island nation closes airports and ports? I mean, the game keeps going, but is there ever a way to get to those regions after that?

Not that I have found.

Don’t worry, friends. My disease, the insidious 4chan Meme virus, has infected madagascar (along with every country except peru and cuba) and is busily killing those bastards for you. A few days ago, we passed the tilting point - more dead than alive. Now it’s just a question of whether or not anybody will be left alive. 4chan takes no prisoners.

Somehow Mexico, India and China managed to survive with 0 deaths…which seems sort of reality-challenged to me.

What makes countries start closing borders etc? I had absolutely no symptoms, but everywhere still started shutting up as soon as I left Japan.

It’s rather unpleasant to think that I have infected almost the entire world now, with no deaths, but they are all vomiting up blood with no cure possible. The entire world. Vomiting.

This is pretty cool, I should have watched the tutorial before I started a new game though as no one seems to be dying from my parasite yet.

Peru and Cuba managed to survive, in my game - every other nation in the world was utterly extinguished by the hideous, unstoppable 4chan meme. Final Score: 83841, and never again will the survivors log on to the internet.

edit: Also, sadly, someone has fucked with the game to render the high score panel useless. :(

They won’t die unless you have fatal symptoms. I had a planet happily infected with no ill effects other than landfills full of bloody vomit. Then I evolved to cause sores. Instant 27 million dead per day.

Yeah, my advice would be - focus on hardiness and maximum vectors of transmission - then go lethal.

What determines how long someone will stay infected for? I had over 100 people at one point, then it dropped to 10.

Yeah, there’s no going back once you go lethal, save it for last.

Countries will start closing borders once your disease is noticed in more than two countries. That’s why keeping your visibility low at the beginning is key.

Sweet, the vaccine backfired, the Heebie Jeebies are unstoppable! Except if you live on an island.

I guess I should evolve some symptoms one of these days.

Problem is that the islands will still shut their airports etc even if you have no symptoms.

Jab - It might be hospital drugs curing them. I noticed I got an infection explosion once I added some drug resistance.

I just noticed a lone ship sailing the Atlantic with no port available. That’s where I’m setting my movie.