Another freebie: Pandemic 2


There is a continent called Australia now? damm


Viral marketing?


I had an urge to play this again a few weeks ago after seeing the trailer for Contagion. After a few games, I somehow, miraculously, managed to infect Madagascar (it wasn’t my starting location either!). That was the only time I’ve ever managed to reduce the world population to 0.

I don’t remember exactly how I did it now, but I think the trick was to play a parasite and stay in stealth mode with only a moderate propagation rate and no visible symptoms for as long as possible. Once you’ve infected every country, that’s when you go crazy buying transmission and lethality traits.


FREAKING MADAGASCAR! Everywhere BUT it! It took them forever and a day, but they still closed in time.

EDIT: no other place had ANY survivors, though.
258 days.
Final score with Chuck Norris: 55907


Wow had no idea this thread was here. For anyone who likes the game, they may be pleased to know I’m working on an expanded version of Pandemic 2 for iPhones / iPod touches. Maybe I’ll make one of those self-promoting / discussion threads when I have screenshots and details to show off.


Are you the developer or the original or are you just in charge of porting it to iOS? If the former, on behalf of everyone who ever struggled to infect Madagascar, FUCK YOU!

J/K, of course. Thanks for the game. :)


Yeah I’m the developer of the original. I love how much hate there is for Madagascar :D. But, in the iPhone version Madagascar will be easier on the lower difficulties.

And I can’t really call the game a port when it’s now using a 3D map and is being completely re-written from the ground up. Not to mention it features a bunch of new content.


And I can’t really call the game a port when it’s now using a 3D map and is being completely re-written from the ground up. Not to mention it features a bunch of new content.

Awesome. Be sure to bump this thread once it’s available on the App Store.

P.S. Fuck Madagascar.



Virus Name: 10101010101010101010
Starts in Greenland. Infects Japan quickly. Gets everywhere except that freaking M country and Argentina. Infects the entire population excluding them within 87 days.
Vaccine will be completed on day 101. Not that it matters. The entire population i could infect is already vomiting, dealing with fevers, and hemorrhaging.

EDIT: Day 101: Vaccine worked, but it doesn’t help anyone at this point.

EDIT: Day 146: 1010101010101010101010 turns deadly, and people start dying from kidney failure.

EDIT: Day 179: Taking too long to exterminate the population, the virus fatigues them, and sets up Hypersensitivity to make their own immune system help.


Blips, you should definitely self-promote. I keep coming back to this game every couple of months just to fuck around with it again, so I would certainly appreciate updates on what you’re doing.


Any love for the iPad? I missed this thread (and the game) the first time around, but now I, too, want to loathe Madagascar.


My wife loves this game and was raging over my shoulder that there is no Android love. :(


This is one of those internet memes that are based on some hilarious (usually uninteded) gameplay side effect. You should keep the impervious Madagascar as sort of an “end-game” goal, I think.


For the past two weeks I’ve just been working on laying the foundation for the actual game. Aside from the fact that I’ve now managed to get the entire 3D map rendering at 60fps on my 2nd generation iPod, there hasn’t been much to show off just yet.

This week however I’m going to be releasing the first set of in-game screenshots and more details on the actual game (and how it improves upon Pandemic 2).

I definitely want to support the iPad and will be looking into how I can go about doing that if I don’t own the actual device (I’m quite apprehensive on releasing the game with iPad support having just tested it on the iPad simulator). I’ll be looking into it more this week now that I’ve mainly finished writing all the OpenGL related code I’ll need for the game.

Sadly no Android support is planned, for now… If sometime in the future though I wish to bring the game to the Android it shouldn’t be too difficult since I’m working (Objective-C classes aside) entirely in C and OpenGL.

The rise of Pandemic 2 related memes definitely caught me off guard when they first started to pop up and I loved seeing every new iteration. I’m going to try and preserve the feeling of Madagascar as much as possible - at the very least provide a “classic” difficulty mode where Madagascar still has just one port.


Come to think of it, Madagascar actually has quite a number of ports:

Though the definition of a “port” in Madagascar might be a couple of floating log docks held together with rope.


Virus ABBA just successfully eliminated humankind. Even in Madagascar. Fun little game, thanks for that !


I paused the game to do something, and when i came back, there was really no point in continuing. So i closed it. It probably would have killed everyone by around 240-ish anyway.


Pandemic 2 got it wrong!


I just heard about the plague in Madagascar and came here to post that too.