Another Gameboy game question

Do most gba games have same multiplayer as advanced wars. By this I mean, that you only have to have one game pak to play multiplayer?

RUBY vs Saphire
Not knowing much about the games. I’m assuming they are the same game but different monsters. Ruby= fire Saphire=water and that each game has different special monsters. Can you take monsters from one game over to the other?

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire are different games, and each one has about 185 or so of the 200 monsters across both games. There’s about 15 exclusive to each, and yeah, they can be traded between versions. THat’s how you get all 200.

Did I mention the GBA Player for the Gamecube rocks? Played some big screen Yugioh Worldwide while my brother and a friend mocked my card-playing skillz.

Is it possible to play multiplayer using the GBPlayer? I mean is it possible for the GB player to act as a ‘mock’ GBA of sorts for multiplayer gaming with a cable. One person on the big screen, the other an SP or original GBA hooked into the Cube?

To answer your original question, here is a list of single cartridge multiplayer GBA games.

Yeah, you can connect the GBA Player to other GBAs just like would a regular GBA or GBA SP - it has the port on the front.

I simply can’t wait until the US GBA Player is released. I really think Nintendo is going to put the next Game Boy in their next home console…meaning you’ll be able to play whatever the games the new system has and portable games on the same box.