Another Guild Wars preview

Plus, if you preorder, you get access to all betas.

I really like the idea of this game, but that E3 demo was pretty bad. I’ll give it another shot when they beta or something.

I thought the E3 demo was awesome.

I want to try it, but I want to play WOW more, and it looks like it’ll be an either/or decision if the release before Christmas.

You won’t have much trouble then, because GW is coming out in February.

I just finished reading through two heavy Kerry-vs-GW P&R threads; your post really, really hurt my brain.

There will be another way to access some of the beta sessions, but I hesitate to mention it might require people to spend $5 on a magazine.

I was addicted to the beta. I would have bought it there and then.

Played the E3 for everyone Beta, loved it. Will be playing this and soon will pre-order it.

I heard that the E3 Beta thing got exploited by Asian players who learned to twink. Anyone know if this was fixed?

WHat it came down to was one players was a warrior and everyone else in the group were monks (healers?) who would buff and heal the fighter making him unstopable as he laid waste to teams that came to do battle.

Dunno if I have to story straight as it was third person when it got back to me.

The february date is bunk. have pretty much always said “when it’s done” and say they may still ship this year.