Another hardcore PC gamer falls for Little Big Planet

Title Another hardcore PC gamer falls for Little Big Planet
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games
When February 18, 2011

I hate (i.e. love) to out my friends, but I have to share this message I just got over the Playstation Network from someone who shall remain anonymous because he's normally a bigshot RPG writer who specializes in PC games..

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Wow, Desslock! I haven't heard that name in years and years. Who does he write for now, anyway?

That aside, he certainly did fall for the right sort of game. My first (and only) is for Assassin's Creed 2, which is a little too easy to be proud of. If I didn't have to play multiplayer I'd also have the Assassin's Creed Brotherhood plat as well.

I shall never get a platinum. I came close in Tekken 6 which had really easily trophy requirement but I just got bored of the game and didn't want to grind out the one fight I needed to get the trophy.

I am an LBP Champion!

Hey, I actually have 3 platinum trophies (the other 2 are for Uncharted 1 and the lightweight action/RPG Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2). And on the xbox I have a couple of 100% completions (for Oblivion and the first Marvel Ultimate Alliance), so 5 platinums, baby.

I don't play many console games (or many games per year in general), but I love exploring every nook and cranny and seeing everything a game has to offer so I tend to spend a ton of time with each of them, and so for the few console games I play, I tend to get all of the Trophies/Achievements.

Thanks for the assist, Tom!

Iconograph, I'm spread pretty thin from other ventures (aside from deftly maneuvering sackman in LBP) so I don't do a lot of game writing any more, but I still write a monthly column for PC Gamer magazine and do reviews for that mag and the UK version of it.

Ha ha, Desslock loves the magic mushroom games so much that he has the equivalent of five (5!) platinum trophies. I do applaud your commitment to being a completionist. I'm far too scatterbrained and short-attention-spanned to stick it out that long with any single game.