Another HDMI question

Okay, here’s the situation;

New flat-screen I bought today.

Running my media server to the computer, HDMI video card output to HDMI input on the tv.

Go to the audio settings on the computer, and test digital audio output with the various bells and whistles noises you can output, and its crystal clear.

Open Boxee, and no sound at all. In fact, no computer sounds even, except when I’m in the test window for audio.

Any ideas?

What OS?

You may have Boxee outputting to the wrong audio output.

Its Vista 32-bit. I wanted to put 7 on the computer, but its an AMD CPU and won’t take 64-bit OS, and I don’t have a 32-bit version of 7.

I played with the Boxee settings, but moreover, I don’t get any sound output from anything in Windows, not the startup music or anything. I only seem to get sound when I go to Audio, choose the Digital HDMI output, and hit the test button. Its offering me 4 different HDMI outputs, as well as “speakers” and SIPDIS or whatever that is. The optical feed, anyway.

I can get sound by setting it to “Speakers” and actually plugging a speaker set into the output jack, but the sound level is very very low–I have to turn it all the way up to really hear it. Running a patch from that same jack to the “PC audio” jack on the TV does nothing, but I suspect it is because the sound level is too low for me to hear.

But through HDMI, nothing out of the TV at all.


AMD started doing 64-bit long before Intel. What the hell sort of CPU do you have that is still 32-bit only? An Athlon XP?

I apologise for not giving you any useful information, but I’m truly curious, and believe that you may have been misinformed about the 64-bit capabilities of your CPU. AMD had consumer 64-bit from the Athlon 64 series, natch, while Intel only got it into the Core 2 processor - the Core was 32-bit only.

As for something more productive, what video card are you running? I know it took a lot of work to get my ATi card to show up with a HDMI audio driver. I think I had to get a special driver to make it work.

Its actually an Athlon X2, and the video card is an NVidia G210. This is just a media server, I didn’t put much money into it.

Oh, and it did turn out to be a driver issue. I really should just start there every time–9 times out of 10 its drivers when this sort of issue comes up. Sound is great now.

Yeah, the Athlon X2 will be 64-bit as AMD started doing 64-bit before they started doing dual core. Download CPU-Z and check the capabilities. It should support AMD64 instruction set.

Your processor is actually an Athlon 64 X2, but amusingly enough AMD dropped the 64 once all their processors were 64-bit since it no longer indicated anything special.

The reason I was so surprised about you saying that AMD processors don’t support 64-bit is that they developed the 64-bit architecture that we use today, and Intel has to license it from them just like they have to license the standard x86 architecture from Intel.

All I can say is, when I put the 7 Ultimate disc in the drive, it went through its normal startup, and then came back with an error message saying that this was not a 64-bit device and the OS couldn’t be installed. It gave me no other options.

Curious. Would you be willing to run CPU-Z and post a screenshot?