Another HL2 question

At one time I remember Valve said we could rent a steam version of HL2 for a month for something like $10 – anyone remember that? I’m just wondering if that’s actually an option at this point. I might even marry steam if it let me get HL2 for $10 instead of $50 or $60!

This would be ideal for me since I’m only interested in the single player game.

That option vanished right around the code theft…

Yeah, I was WAY hoping for that option, too. Saner heads over at Valve must’ve realized just how many of us there were that’d quit paying after a month or two (at $10/per), but would still happily pay the full $50 or $60 if that was the only option.

IE, they squeezed an extra $30 or so out of me by not offering the subscription. And probably out of a LOT of other people, too.

Here’s another question – how will Gamefly handle HL2? How can they rent it and not have the registration problems?

They can handle it the same exact way they handle all the PC games they carry.


But Mark has a point with the problem with secondary markets and authentication.

It’s possible that, since HL2 is tied to a Steam account, you could simply sell your Steam account instead. Near-useless for EB and company, but you could at least E-bay it.

But against your license agreement. I’m sure there’s going to be even more uproar when people glaum on to that.