Another IRS attack - hazardous materials team onsite

Two hospitalized, but for reasons maybe unrelated to the threat. Details sketchy.

Ugh, yea just saw this on the local news. I sure hope it’s nothing but people are pretty militant and retarded around here, so at this point nothing would surprise me…

… As can be seen by some of the lovely comments to the story:

How could anyone work for the IRS and then expect everyone not to hate them with all their heart?

Read the comments and see if you can guess how many people will soon be getting a visit from the FBI.

Idiots, I dont care how much you hate the government or the IRS, you dont try to excuse or rationalize behaviors like this. They need to be condemned absolutely for the acts of crazy people that they are.

Well, if the anthrax case is any indicator, they’ve got plenty of time to wait.

Also, what the fuck with all the IRS hatred? It’s not the IRS that chooses to misspend the taxes collected, it’s Congress and the executive branch. The IRS just collects the taxes.

Surely these nimrods don’t think we can/should live in a tax-free society. Ah, screw roads, cops, schools, science, national defense…

If they want to get pissed, get pissed at the people who spend the money, not the ones tasked to collect it.

Also, looks like it wasn’t a hazardous substance, but someone had made a threat?

As evidenced by these tea party halfwits, that does indeed appear to be what they think.

I suspect you’re assigning a lot more deep thought to these people than they actually indulge in. The IRS is who they send their money to, the IRS is who talk show hosts scream about, the IRS is who they hate.

It turns out that the material was not hazardous. The two people who were hospitaliEd oddly had whatever they had right at the same time and while the HAZMAT team was there. Panic attacks, maybe?

That’d be my guess.

The hatred for the IRS comes from the American bedrock belief that there must be mysterious forces preventing the guy you voted for who said he’d give you stuff for free and take away all the other people’s free stuff. So the EPA, IRS, Pentagon, and CIA get treated as if they’re independent actors.

Remember: always kill the messenger first.

Noun and Jason covered it, but welcome to the new US, where there is room for a growing Tea Party and crazy broadcasters feeding fears of overzealous “government entities.” All this has pushed “the crazy” to new heights.

One would think that the average American has stopped having any rational thoughts about how government works.

Is the Tea Party “growing”?

Getting more press isn’t growing as far as I can tell. The problem is the radicals are getting more attention from a flailing, shrinking print and TV media.

Also, what the fuck with all the IRS hatred?

It’s always been there. This stupid belief that somehow the government collecting taxes is a bad thing. Suck it up people, someone has to pay for shit.

So, umm, this was a false alarm, right?

Are we still supposed to draw conclusions about whacko anti-government folks from false alarms?

Domestic terrorism has long-term effects that go beyond the original act.

I’m sure tax collectors have been hated for as long as taxes have existed. Why do I have give my income to a bunch of bureaucrats just so it can be wasted on yet another pyramid eh?

“As early as the first dynasty of the Old Kingdom (3000-2800 B.C.) there is documented evidence of a biennial event, the “Following of Horus,” no less than a royal tour when the pharaoh appeared before his people–and collected taxes. These revenues were due to him in his dual, and indisputable, role, as the head of state and the incarnation of the god Horus.”

The Ancient Egyptians have found a solution that no American could ignore, send Jesus round to collect taxes.

If 300 taught us anything it was that the messenger should be kicked into a deep pit…