Another list to read

Top 50 devs to “watch” for, whatever that means.,4364,1304292,00.asp

I like that someone is promoting developers. I had never heard of about 47 of these 50 guys. Nice picture of Ken Levine. may not be so bad after all.

Where the hell is Sparky?

Sneaking up behind you.

Good article, but way too much console stuff. I’d prefer it they’d just do a PC list and a console list.


Good article, but way too much console stuff. I’d prefer it they’d just do a PC list and a console list.

It’s all part and parcel of the same business these days, Asher. Get used to it. And go get those kids of yours more console systems. Then get a copy of Disgaea for yourself. And Viewtiful Joe. Also Crimson Skies. Maybe Jak II and Rogue Squadron III. Definitely some older stuff like Beach Spikers, Dark Cloud 2, and Timesplitters 2. Maybe Unholy War to see what you’ve been missing.

Then come back and you’ll see that list as part of a big beautiful overall harmonious picture where you only sometimes have to fool with video drivers and your sound card. Unity. Bliss. Mouse or gamepad, it’ll make no difference.


Where the hell is Sparky?

More importantly, where the hell is They Came From Hollywood?

She’s like the French! But actually fearsome.
I’ve heard she can do stuff with a baguette that will leave grown men weeping.

Is that a euphemism?

No, that’s eu-feminism.

Speaking of Levine, isn’t Irrational doing a Freedom Force sequel?

Dave, man, try to be a little more specific with your thread titles. Half the people on that list aren’t even developers; they’re executives. :wink:

I’m surprised by the number of people on the list who are already very well established personalities: Yu Suzuki? Hideo Kojima? Will Wright? Now, I guess I may not be the target audience for the mag/site, but I’d think that these folks are already being watched and don’t need to be marked as potential movers.

I would have been more impressed to see more people like the Call of Duty guys–people whose names I really don’t know but who are doing exciting work.

The other thing that struck me was the number of Japanese developers. I think someone (Kitsune?) had a thread a while back about how the Japanese games industry does more publicity on developers than the European/North American companies do. I wonder if this is the result of that phenomenon or whether it’s more a case that the Japanese games industry produces a disproportionate amount of the console content out there.

More interesting read, at least, than the Gamespy shovel lists we’ve seen so much of lately.


Speaking of Levine, isn’t Irrational doing a Freedom Force sequel?

And whatever happened to The Lost? Is it ever coming out or did it get cancelled?

Too many presidents and CEOs… Where are the David Sears-es? The Greg Streets? For that matter, the DaveCs and Xemus?


LOL, people in the trenches almost never make lists like that. You have to do a certain amount of self promotion to register on the radar. That’s fantastically useful stuff for a company to do, but rarely do the people in the trenches have the time, skills, or inclination to be good PR types. :)

It was nice to see the list blend PC and console, US and Japanese companies, personally.

Did anyone actually read the text? I’m curious what people feel about that style. For example, they refer to the Japanese developers respectfully, using their last names, but let’s take Ken Levine’s entry:

“Kenny boy may have led System Shock 2 development for Irrational Games… Ken’s a hateful, hateful man. And he hates you very, very much.”

That’s true, Ken is a hateful, hateful man, and he does hate Tom Chick in particular. But is he buddies with these guys enough to be referred to as “Kenny boy,” or for what follows?

“Ken’s appointment to pen a plot for something that was previously multiplayer-centric unless you were a moron is testament to Irrational’s dedication to actually delivering a product the socially inept can enjoy by their collective lonesomes. Ken may hate you, but Irrational loves you.”

“Levine is pretty. When will I hear more of him? … Our boy in Boston”

The approach is interesting, to say the least.

I read down to Mathieu Ferland. Then they made a lame Canadian joke but spelled “eh” as “ey”.

At that point I decided to stop.


We are, in fact, in Hell. Or at least it seems like it. Put on your swanky asbestos fez and come for a visit sometime.

Another list:

  1. Japanese game developers have waaaay better hair than American and European ones.
  2. Tim & Chris Stamper…“The Wachowskis of gaming”?
  3. Please refer to me from now on as “The Edward D. Wood Jr. of gaming”.
  4. Where’s Derek?
  5. For the love of ElFish, someone get the press a new photo of Will Wright.

That’s platformism and it’s wrong. You are not allowed to discriminate based on operating system, graphics capabilities, memory requirements, or color of the machine used to play games. You are at least breaking the first of those, but I think by implication, you might be breaking them all!