another new Netflix Show (Travelers)


Another decent sci-fi show to watch. And yeah as much as i HATED The OA it had good performances and it seems to be regarded highly (who cares if I HATE it, I HATED the last 3 seasons of Lost). Pretty cool that Netflix is able to keep up with alot of good content.

Anyway Travelers is better watched without telling much about it. By episode 2 you should get the idea of what its about and if its worth watching.


This something made for them or just liscensed from another market?

Seems like every week I add another show to my List…so many now.


This something made for them or just liscensed from another market?

“Shooting on location in Vancouver, the time-traveling sci-fi drama is produced by Peacock Alley Entertainment Inc., in association with Showcase and Netflix.”

Had just stumbled across this myself, went in with low expectations, four episodes in so far. Highly recommended! So many great things I want to comment on but shouldn’t because spoilers. Maybe after it’s been out for a while we can start seriously spoiling it.

And yeah, I’ve had trouble sticking with and even liking The OA as well.

Edit: I meant to add that the main plot is extremely compelling while still mysterious, various subplots are well done and satisfying. Overall the casting, acting, story, scripting and direction is all fantastic. Some scenes have a strong but subtle PKD feel to them, which might be my favorite thing about this show.


I watched this, but I did not found anything to pull me.

  • The events feel predictable in a way. The people that is doomed is doomed from the start.
  • No gadgets or technology of the future that would be fun to think “What if” scenarios.
  • No big mystery. The team feel like “E-team”, not the big team tasked with stopping the big bad event, but one of the smaller teams tasked with smaller dumb tasks.
  • Talk but not Show. Sometimes the characters talk about the unintended effects of actions in the present, but we don’t see them in any way.

I don’t think they have a good plan for this serie, but I would love to be proven wrong.


I guess this is not your show then.

Yep that’s the basic premise of the show. Of course, the travellers are here to change that on a mass scale. They are not here to save the victim of the week.

Based on how they travel, this is not possible. They can apparently only send human consciousness back, not matter.

Too early to tell if that is true. As far as dumb tasks? In the very first episode, their task was far from dumb.

Since the show so far only takes place in the present, you probably wont see how their actions have affected the future, yet. Once again its way too early in the show to know if they intend to show anything of that nature. Its something that they may eventually show but considering the style of the show, its not something that should become an every episode occurrence.

I think they are doing fine and that a lot of what we are seeing early will eventually come together. Im not saying youre wrong, each to their own, but Ive found the series to be pretty good so far. The way they have handled things is building up the bigger mystery and its becoming clearer as each episode goes by that there is far more going on than we know so far. Now if they ignore the ground work they are laying, then your point will be valid but its once again way too early in the series to make that call, in my opinion.


No just the people they want to save, but a drug addict, and a person with a damaged brain. The surprise will be if these two characters don’t end bad.

Hey, I will watch more episodes, maybe they will pick more speed later.


Watched through ep 6 last night. Pretty good overall, though some of the LOOK HOW TIGHT MY FOCUS IS MHMM nonsense gets on my nerves.

Ep 6 done pissed me off, though:

[spoiler] Okay, so “Protocol 3 has not been waived!” Meaning none of the travelers are to kill anyone, which Major Dickless realizes and quickly slices murderously through the defense right to the reactor room.

Nevermind that they all know that Dickless & Co are going to die in the blast, even though their plot armor protects them from the nerve gas (ugh).

Nevermind that they happily kill them all as they take them over one by one so as to turn the key after Blue is like “no stress smoke weed erryday” instead of oh I dunno setting up a timed activation of the laser that depends so much on timing the blast right and is hooked up to a bunch of computers, which as we know are terrible at executing commands at a specific timestamp.

(She’s been building this for 100 years. Maybe she should have spent another half hour or so to paper over the obvious stupidities in the UI. Then again, this is probably a pretty decent portrayal of engineer-designed UI.)

Who the fuck provisioned this mission with only lethal weaponry that they know they’re not going to be allowed to use? Christ, give them some FUTURELASERS or something that shoot stun beams.

Oh but it’s super important for the main characters to be elsewhere for no particular reason even though THIS LASER THING IS GOING TO SAVE THE EARTH AND HUMANITY because for God’s sake, man, we’re only six episodes into this thing!

The whole thing was just lazily written to get to the scene they really wanted in the reactor, with Maj. Dickless shooting his own men and then himself. But then he fails to shoot himself anyway and the laser fires and doesn’t fucking work (apparently, I haven’t watched any further), so he doesn’t actually have any agency or effect on the plot in the end any damn way.

It’s a cool scene. And it should have been the capstone of a pretty darn good mid-season peak episode, except the writers all apparently had a collective stroke when it came to “how do we get Dickless into the reactor room?” There is an infinity of ways to write that that aren’t transparently stupid and break your own rules.

Just bad, bad, bad plotting that pissed me off because it suborned the already detailed rules of the scenario (nerve gas) and had characters make unbelievably stupid decisions (manual firing, only lethal weaponry, for fuck’s sake they’re dead anyway) to get the main characters to safety and set up the final reactor scene. AND removed any actual impact of the reactor scene anyway, which would have landed so much harder if Major Dickless had actually offed himself and prevented the laser from firing, or done…anything at all that altered the outcome that would have happened had he not been there at all.

Ugh, I’m still irritated.[/spoiler]


I am two shows in and I think it’s fantastic. If The OA gets compared to Stranger Things (and I am liking / liked both) then I would compare Travellers favorably to Sense 8 maybe.

I have a number of questions but I’m sure many will be addressed in future episodes. The one thing so far which seems like an obvious oversight however is … they have made a big deal about how they find good ‘hosts’ (T.E.L.L) and even noted in ep. 2 that ‘this is not a good day’ meaning I assume not many likely candidates for a fellow Traveller to inhabit. So how come when the one Traveller inhabits the one druggie about to O.D. and die that another Traveller doesn’t inhabit the other druggie who is also about to O.D.? (Only explanation I can think of is that they are too close in proximity?) Admittedly, this is a minor detail in the grand scheme probably.


This is addressed, yeah. For all my bitching above, I really like the way they handle “what the travelers know about their hosts/candidates.”

Also, apparently at some point I internalized the British spelling of “travelers” and it looks weird to me when it’s not “travellers.” I blame Tolkien.


I’m happy to report that the things that annoyed me in ep6 upthread do not seem to be carrying over into the rest of the show. It’s back to a solid B on the 7-9 scale for me after a few more episodes.

The premise really is quite clever, and they’re digging into it in interesting ways rather than doing a lazy Final Fantasy “…and now we have to SAVE THE WORLD from something with a stupid name!” thing. Good stuff.


Ive only watched through episode 6 and I must say, I was practically screaming at the TV at how stupid the episode was for exactly the reasons you state. Its like they had a great writing staff take a vacation and instead had a ten year old do the script for episode 6. It was so off putting that I haven’t jumped back in for a few days. Good to hear that they recover from that serious stumble.


Well the finale made me cringe… it wasn’t TERRIBLE, but it made me think of the last Terminator and the dialogue was a little offputting… almost a lampooning the whole operation. kind of felt off, but I am still interested to find out what happens next season. Felt sorry for the Chris Pratt looking guy.


This is a pretty good show! It started off a bit ‘meh,’ but I thought it gained a lot of strength as the season went on.

The last episode, however, was bad. A cliffhanger ending for a show that hasn’t even had season two approved? That’s just mean.


I’m not there yet, but…c’mon, man. This show lives and dies on its cliffhangers. It’s its raison d’etre.


I enjoyed the series although I wish it had stayed a little more mundane/professional rather than veering off into the epic drama and intrigue at the end. I liked that they were kind of just small pieces in a big picture and not the most pivotal or important.


Yea, I felt the same way. I felt it was more interesting when you did not know exactly what was going on. I got strong temporal cold war vibes at the end and it annoyed me greatly. Still overall a B and I look forward to season 2.


Fantastic show. Just discovered it this week and binged through it. Well done, great production values, serious/gritty tone. Can’t recommend it enough!


What has Eric McCormack been doing since Will and Grace anyway? He’s really good in this role. (No problems with any of the cast but they are largely unknowns.) Actually I just checked his imdb page and it’s full of stuff since, just nothing I have heard of or watched. I guess I would have assumed he was living off of the W&G royalties.

Unrelated, but my brother was the jury foreman on the Will and Grace trial years ago; the writers were suing NBC et al about not getting their fair share of the royalties. The defense delved into my brother’s internet blog at the time and found cause that he would be biased toward NBC and so the judge threw the whole case out the day before the jury was to deliver the verdict (in favor of the writers). In the epilogue to the story, NBC did settle out of court and for a very large sum so the writers weren’t undone by it.


Really? I can’t stop myself from referring to him as “budget Mulder.”


I watched part of the first episode of this last night (would have watched it all but I started late). I recognized the actress playing the mentally disabled woman from somewhere,so I looked her up and of course she was Naomi (the Mormon woman who marries Cullen Bohannon) from Hell on Wheels. I think I recognize the MMA kid from somewhere too, maybe Season 2 of American Crime?

Anyway, I get the premise of how these Travelers come into the bodies of the people and all, but I was a bit curious about the first death pictured. It was like she died twice or something. First she runs away from the windows and falls, hitting her head on the concrete step, and it shows the timer the first time. Then she’s assaulted by the hoodlums outside and the timer is shown again. Will that be explained later?