another new Netflix Show (Travelers)


Awesome! But the October 16 date is for Showcase. I don’t think it drops on Netflix until after it airs.

@Rock8man one of the things I found compelling about the show was that they spent a fair bit of time following some of the more personal struggles the characters had, being in foreign bodies. Not sure that will appeal to you, but it made a different from the usual time-travel fare.


So I finally got to Episode 6, which you guys hated upthread. So I was all prepared to hate the episode. I guess the ending with Protocol 3 still being in effect could have been annoying I guess, but I think it adds to the mysterious ways of the Director and their trust in him or her. So yeah, I thought it was a good episode.


Wait, so it’s got to end the Showcase run before the Netflix run starts? Hmm.


Believe so.


So on a lark and largely as a result of this thread, I binged the first 6 of these episodes today. Season 2 starts tomorrow on Showcase here in Canada. I never watched it last year and binged on Netflix today.

I have not read many of the posts here for fear of spoiling it.

Let me just say I have enjoyed the hell out of this today. For a Canadian production, the production values are really pretty good, the writing is not bad at all and the acting is mostly good, too. I can quibble about plot holes and I would guess that the fallout from Episode 6 will be significant going forward. Whatever the case, I think Travelers is totally worth your time.

I enjoyed this more than Orphan Black, FWIW.


Episode 7 was sublime. I wasn’t really sold on the show completely in the first 6, but they were worth it in retrospect because of episode 7. Well done, Travelers. That was brilliant.


Okay. I have now binged the entire first season and watched the premiere of Season 2 as well. I am inoculated to any spoilers as of this post!

Huge Thumbs up to this show. A fucking 1.

Firstly, to those who ranted about Episode 6: Dudes, you are getting WAY too involved in the nitty gritty of the writing. It wasn’t anywhere near the disaster you are portraying it to be.

Secondly, this thing is, from a writing perspective, really quite brilliant. The balance between the Over-the-top nature of the time travel plots and the humanity of the recurring characters and the leads – and their interactions – is not a small thing. It’s brilliant. David the Social Worker and Marcy are brilliantly written and sublimely acted. That trumps any aspect of Schrodinger’s Plot Hole that has your genre dick tied up in a knot. It really does.

If all you can do is rant about some plot holes in the metaplot – respectfully, you are MISSING THE FUCKING POINT of the series, and perhaps, Life on Earth.

Anyways, this show is a treat. It has a rating on Rotten Tomatoes through the roof at 93%. It’s got it for a reason. It’s not about the finer points of timing on Major Dickless and the implications of Protocol 3.

So if you are a hater, you need to take a break and then watch the rest of the 1st season and move on to Season 2 - which is also well written and enjoyable.



Just as an FYI – outside of Canada I don’t think this’ll be available until the season is over and it goes up on Netflix.


I caught up through Episode 10 tonight. What a great show this is. Why can’t Netflix’ Marvel Studios shows be anywhere near this good? I mean, Daredevil and Jessica Jones are so horrible compared to this show. I have to force yourself to keep watching episodes, thinking “it’s got to get better, lots of people like this show”. With Travelers, I have to force myself to stop watching, so that I can get some sleep and not be late for work tomorrow.


I am aware. I am in Canada and have Showcase, where Season 2 started on Monday night earlier this week.

The green screen scenery budget clearly got an upgrade. There is one scene in Ep 01 of Season 2 that had me in the “wow, that’s really well done”, as I watched, open-mouthed.

Love this damn show.


If you didn’t like the first season of Daredevil, maybe superhero shows just aren’t for you?


I’m so envious right now of the folks up there in Far Canuckistan who get to watch the second season already.
But maybe I’ll re-watch the last episode of the first season, because as I recall they left it on quite the cliffhanger.


Maybe you’re right. The 4400 and Chuck were pretty great though. As was Legion. And most superhero movies are excellent. But I guess I can’t think of any more modern superhero shoes I like. I suppose you could classify 4400, Chuck and Legion in other categories rather than just superhero shows. Similar to Travelers, really. Some of this show is like a superhero show as well, they just couch the powers with a different explanation than most superhero shows. But I suppose I would more classify Travelers as scifi. Chuck as Comedy. And Legion as… a quirky show or something.


Not familiar with 4400. What is it? Definitely wouldn’t classify Chuck as a superhero show…more of a spy comedy. Fun, though. Legion is pretty much in it’s on class


Ran about 10 years ago for four seasons. Bunch of people disappear over many years then reappear all together, with a variety of weird abilities and no memory of what happened.

I watched it a while back and thought it was really good. Sadly, they got cancelled before the big mystery really played out.


The guy basically gets infected with and becomes an operating supercomputer with access to an incredible amount of intel and abilities that go way beyond normal. He is kind of the definition of super hero.


That still2 doesnt mean its a superhero show, though. I would also call it a spy Comedy


Chuck, the titular character is the definition of super hero. The show is named after him and revolves around him. Yes, its based in a spy world and is definitely a comedy but who and what Chuck has become defines the series. Ill give you the point that it is not simply a superhero series and that it has comedy and espionage elements as well but that doesn’t make it not a superhero show. You can split hairs all you want. Hell technically, Thor movies are not superhero movies, Thor is a god, not a superhero. Batman, nope, there is nothing super about him unless vast resources are his superpower. Ironman, sorry, he is fully reliant on tech, so not a superhero. Green Arrow? Black Widow? Both are considered super heroes and yet Chuck is more of a superhero than all of those. But by all means, disagree, that’s kind of your super power.


I simultaneously laughed and was kinda sad to read your post. Yay I have a superpower, and wow , is that really how you perceive me? I am sorry to hear so, and it’s something that has given me something to reflect upon, so, thanks!

Anyways - I am kinda torn, because I tried to think about what defines superhero shows, and basically, it comes down to powers. The persons are interchangeable, but it’s powers that drives shows like daredevil, Supergirl and so on, so, after some reflection, I agree that chuck is a superhero show. The big difference between that, and some of the previously mentioned ones though3, strikes me as being torn. I.e the fact that chuck is a comedy, and not a grim dark, show.


Bummer, that’s too bad.