another new Netflix Show (Travelers)


Aw, bummer. Still, pretty good ending. Not that you couldn’t go some further interesting places, but it feels like a complete story to me.


Kind of a downer ending, but good enough.

One of the things that concerns me with the Netflix “drop the whole season at once and then tell them later if they’re cancelled” approach is it seems like higher odds of unresolved cliffhangers, but I’m glad that didn’t happen this time.


Damn, and I just ran through the show! Still, I feel ok about the end.


Ah well, at least it ended with more closure than Colony did.


I really enjoyed this show. Glad they got a real ending. The cliffhangers from the first seasons would’ve been a terrible series finale

David and some of the travelers were surprisingly believable in their roles. Never would’ve thought I’d buy that Will & Grace guy as a time travelling FBI agent.


Damn shame that this is cancelled when there’s so much tripe on netflix.



It really sucks. I just got my wife into the show, and she binged it and loved it. Now we’re both really sad it’s done. I do agree that at least the ending felt like an ending, albeit one that left a lot of potential for places to go.


Yeah, it’s a bummer, but it feels like they knew this was likely to happen, based on the way they ended the season.


Netflix is starting to just go down the line cancelling the stuff I like while spending billions on shows and movies that I look at and go WTF…


I guess they know what gets watched enough to justify the budget. Lowest common denominator?


If they can get enough suckers to pay for it, who knows, they might start up with their own versions of “reality” show dreck like The Bachelor and such. Given enough time, when bean counters at public companies are involved, everything turns to shit.


Ain’t that the sad truth :(


Well, I was a huge fan of Travelers, but when Showcase backed out of it on the Canadian side, it didn’t look good for a Season 4.

As for Netflix and cancellations, I can be a little more sanguine about Netflix’s decisions. Unlike broadcasters or cable networks, Netflix operates with something that those who make television programs rarely have: PERFECT INFORMATION. They know who is watching their show, when, and exactly how many times; including whether they binge it and take up other suggested series following its consumption - or not.

Now, I don’t know how that information is sorted and used to come to make programming decisions, but I have to assume that Netflix knows what they are doing. They will strive to produce and promote shows that make them money and serve subscribers interest – and will not do so with those that do not.

I suppose there can be a gray area where those on the bubble might have got a reprieve or not. But given the direction of Season 3, it looks like the producers of Travelers knew this was coming.

While that can be disappointing at times, it’s not like I can claim that the ratings and PVR watches were much higher than the producers really appreciated. No, they know exactly what their data is – and how it compares to the alternatives.

At least with Season 3 of Travellers, it felt like the end and gave a conclusion - of sorts - to the series and its characters. Given the alternatives to that, I’m okay with it.


There’s also the thing where shoes in particular have to clear higher bars season after season as the actors and other creatives are able to demand more money.

But yeah, you’re also right about the info available to Netflix or any other digital distributor. I’m so glad I don’t work anywhere near media any more.


My problem is that it doesn’t seem to make sense. They pick up a show, get viewers interested, produce a new season - which means that obviously there was enough interest in the first place or they wouldn’t have bothered - and then proceed to cancel it. This doesn’t match up with the assumption of them having all the data, unless the whole thing was an experiment: they knew that not enough people watched seasons 1 and 2, but wanted to see if adding a third season would attract enough eyes to sustain the show.


It makes sense to me to cancel 2-3 seasons (or more) in because the data says the show stopped working or shows signs of not working starting next season. I don’t see how they could ever confidently order an entire show at once because too much is unknown about the show quality and competition 2-3 years from now. Unfortunate because I think that we would see even better TV if they could pull that off. It’d be just as big a change as the move from pilots to buying entire seasons unseen.

What doesn’t make sense is how this fits with their back catalog development strategy. Who would want to go back and watch shows that end abruptly? HBO doesn’t seem to have this problem with their back catalog, even though they have to make the same kinds of decisions. Maybe it’s worth having some fragmented shows in exchange for having the money and attention to focus on likelier huge hits.


You can’t force Netflix to either not order a show or go all in for six seasons and a movie.

They gave Travelers two seasons to find an audience and clearly it didn’t. That sucks for those of us who watched it, but that’s how the business works. Network TV likely wouldn’t have been as accommodating.


I am 6 episodes in and while it is not bad (well episode 6 was bad, a lot), I am not super enthused about it so far.

Does it get much better and is it worth watching? Is the ending of the series (since it was canceled) satisfying as an ending?


I’d say yes, but I really enjoyed episode 6.

What don’t you like about the show?