Another Nintendo Bonus Game -- Mario Kart 64!

From the Magic Box:

RUMOR: Nintendo’s GameCube racing game Mario Kart: Double Dash will come with a bonus disc - a GameCube port of the classic N64 racing game Mario Kart 64. Mario Kart: Double Dash will be released on November 18 in US.

Wavebird + Mario Kart 64 = Right Fucken On!

How come they haven’t ported more N64 games? They need to do a compilation disk of all the Mario Party games, etc.

After playing Wind Waker I would like to try the bonus disc that some outlets gave away for pre-order. That’s the kind of pre-order I likes.

Does anyone else find it odd that the bonus for Mario Kart GameCube is Mario Kart 64?

In a game like Zelda, porting OoT is fine because it’s an entirely different game. But Mario Kart can’t really change as fundamentally as a game like Zelda can. I’m sure a few hardcore Mario Kart fans will appreciate the subtle differences between the games or enjoy being “oldschool” but what use will the majority of people have for the bonus disk?

EB takes trade-ins on that thing. Look around, I think they sell it for 20 dollars.

Now all we need is a Mario 64 port included free with Mario 128 and I might as well just sell my N64.

I would find it odd if Double Dash was as similar and unchanged from the other three Mario Karts as they were from each other, Trixie, but it seems like this time, Nintendo is taking quite a departure from the past games, don’t you think? I mean its caused all sorts of grumbling and argument from both factions in favor and not of the changes. I mean, I’ve seen seven or eight page threads on the change of selecting karts for performance regardless of characters alone, not to mention all the other changes, like the lack of a hop move, or the two-character dynamic, or the new battle modes, or the new rules for items (can’t drag them behind you anymore and you lose them if you get hit, each characters have new, unique battle powers, that sort of thing).

For such pedestrian sequels before, comparatively, Double Dash is pretty far from the past formula. Though I continue to wonder, as if with everyone else, why in the world they won’t put the feather back in?

Though yeah, Ocarina of Time’s plot was actually related to Kaze no Takuto, and Ura Zelda had been worked on, but never released, so it made a good deal more sense.

In a way, this would be cool, because then the Gamecube, in a manner of sorts, would have all four Mario Kart games on it. What with the Gameboy Player being able to Super Circuit on the GBA and GBA version having the original SNES tracks, its pretty much would be the ultimate Mario Kart machine.

Me, I’m really glad they’re changing it, as fun as all the MKs have been, I couldn’t imagine yet another didn’t do anything very new as the concept would have been too far played out to be any fun anymore. Just hope the end result can match the older versions. If I added up all the hours I’ve poured into playing each all three, I’m sure it would be a frightful number.

Long live Mario Kart!

Though stuffed cow > MK64 on the Gamecube. :P