Another Oblivion Thread

I couldn’t resist.

I had to start yet another Oblivion thread.

anyone can do it
but it takes a man
not to

What’s a good way to increase armor skill? Is getting hit the only way? I’m not a big fan of getting hit.

Where’s a heavy armor trainer?

Armor trainers can mostly be found in Fighter’s Guild places, I’d spend my 5 points on something that’s hard to level up though like Security (in the beginning), or Mercantile.

If heavy armor isn’t hard to level up, how do you level it up? Letting something pound on me will be too expensive in heal potions.

Is there a downside to wearing heavy armor vs light armor vs no armor? I mean, a significant one besides the encumberance issue?

I know there is a spell casting effectiveness stat that shows up on the magic screen, and it goes up and down based on how much armor you are wearing…but a piece of light armor seems to affect it as much as a piece of heavy armor, so why not go with heavy?


Let rats and goblins beat on you, also if your shield is of a particular variant (light or heavy) you gain points in the armor type when blocking with the shield variety.

I think this is also based on your armor or magic skill. Either one or the other or maybe both.

Um, if you don’t get hit enough to raise your armour skills, then you needn’t worry about your armour skills because you aren’t going to be getting hit. Right?

Is my logic sensor off today?

The armor skill also affects spellcasting, i.e. you get less magic penalties in heavy armor if your heavy armor skill is high.

Ah yes, but if you aren’t getting hit, then why bother with heavy armour? Ooo, perhaps my logic circuits are firing afterall. Heh.

It affects encumbrance and armor degradation too. I do get hit pretty often, I just try not to.

With light armor when you hit Expert the armor no longer applies against your encumberance. Equipped armor that is; loot still has weight. So wearing light armor is a great way eventually to save on encumberance. (Does Heavy Armor get the same benefit at Expert? I dunno.)

You move faster in light armor too. Try running around in orcish plate, and then in elven chain; you’ll notice a real difference.

A great way to up your armor skill is to find a bunch of rats or crabs and let them nip at you. They won’t do much damage (assuming you’re not level 1 or something) but you will get hit so often you’ll skill up pretty fast.

Essentially, though, if you depend on speed and agility, go light; if you specialize in toe to toe bashing, go heavy. If you’re a spellcaster, it depends on your focus I guess.

Light Armor ftw!

That’s sounds like the old Morrowind trick of crab boxing. Go out and tease a mud crab. He’ll attack you causing minor amounts of damage, but causing your armour skill to increase. In the meantime, instead of just standing there, you can go hand-to-hand on the crab and skill up your unarmed combat.

I have heard some stuff about Artifact Quests

you get Artifacts as the reward which are Uber weapons…

what are they and how do I get one?

Walkthroughs for 6 quests, contains a map of all 15 shrines , what they give you, what the minimum level is, use at your own risk.

Daedric armor looks cooler? Zamm!

How do you become a vampire and what are that advantages and disadvantages (other then the sunlight thing). This is one thing I have never done in any elder scrolls game.


For me, becoming a vampire was a random event that happened as I slept one night. I don’t know what, if anything, triggers it, or at what levels it can happen, etc.

Also, when fighting Vampires (who can be found in some McDungeons) you can contract a disease, a type of Hemophilia. Apparently if you don’t cure it in time, it can turn you into a vampire.

As a vampire, your stats will start to go up – strength, speed, other stuff. If you go longer without “feeding” on people (which you can do by sneaking up to them in their sleep), your appearance will change so that NPCs start to remark on it. I gather their Disposition toward you will begin to decrease, though I haven’t seen that happen yet personally. You will become stronger and gain new powers (like an ability charm humanoids). But, you will start to take steady damage in the daylight, making it harder to do anything when the sun is up.

I’m not sure what the maximum extent is – I haven’t gone “full vampire” to see what all the powers and penalties are.

My toon is currently a vampire and I am finding it a pretty interesting wrinkle on the gameplay so far.