Another physics-based webpage game

Just in time for the season.

Anyone ever seen Line Rider? Game is quite fun, and quite physics (sorta) based.

*Notes the contradiction. Cares not that its there)

Ooh…fun, if you hit that first mushroom correctly. I got over 800 on my third try…I don’t know why these games are so fun.

Line Rider is saved to my HDD. It is a fantastic invention.

EDIT: This is more like Nanaca Crash though.

Oops…didn’t realize those cloud things provided more bounce ;)

Line Rider was just acquired by inXile, in case anyone hadn’t heard. First I’d heard of the game, to be honest.

My high is 1597 score and 157 collected. Rank: Wish List Reader

1804 Toy Maker. I reached the end, bounced all the wall back, kept going until I was stopped by one of those damn snowmen. Aim for the giant mushrooms.

My high is about 1900. Sadly, my wife got 1600 on her first try!

1997, but I think I can do better than that.