Another plane almost taken out by terrorists?

We like to think of all the BS from the Bush years being the motivation for Islam based terrorism, but what was the driver for the attacks under Clinton? Also, 9/11 was being planned while Clinton was in office.

I’m not trying to make any partisan points at all, just saying that we seem to think this all started under the Bush regime of attacks and intervention in the Middle East, but much of it was going on before then and certainly 9/11 was planned before Bush and occurred while Bush was just sitting on his thumbs in the White House and had done nothing relative to foreign policies. So strip the 8 years of Bush away, and you still had these people intent on killing as many Americans as possible.

You guys can only dance around Israel for so long.

The Knicker Bomber will forever shape American policy. Mission Accomplished.

The entire history of US foreign policy in the region since WW2?

How many corpses can you create before this exemption stops working?

Am i the only one that thought “oh god, now they will put in even more stupid, very specific restrictions” when i heard about this story? I just don’t understand why they don’t look at more general security flaws like “someone could smuggle a bomb in with a laptop bag” (bad example) rather than the current situation of banning all red laptop bags because someone tried to put a bomb in a red one in the past.

It is getting to the level of insanity that i’m expecting someone to try to hide a bomb in a prosthetic limb or a fake eye and then the TSA will ban all prosthetic limbs from planes, as well as requiring everyone to verify that all limbs/eyes are real.

By the extremists’ logic there are many things the US could do - most of them stated by groups like Al Qaida in messages to the west. Their demands include:

  • reduced (or no?) support to Israel (due to their “genocide” of Palestinians)
  • Some want Israel to return to pre-1967 borders. Can’t say I disagree with that. Pity religious crazies in Israel have succeeded in making that nigh-impossible.
  • No more support for corrupt regimes like the House of Saud (and many others).
  • Get bases out of all Muslim lands.

…I’m pretty sure those were the specific demands of OBL in a video a couple of years back.

The west doesn’t wish to do that (and nor should we bow to terrorist demands) but it is incorrect to think that their hatred exists free of reason and could not be assuaged through action (however silly such action may be).

Wow, the TSA went all Code Red on a dude who was in the bathroom because of stomach illness? Pack up your shit, America has officially lost the War on Terror.

This is never going to be a battle that’s won by preparing for every possible scenario.

Or rather, it won’t be won by us.

According to Bloomberg:

The U.S. Transportation Security Administration said yesterday passengers on planes to the U.S. will have to remain seated for the last hour of their flights and won’t be allowed to get anything from carry-on bags during that time or to keep anything in their laps. It said passengers also may notice other “unpredictable” security protocols.

Geez, nothing in your lap for the last hour? And what will these other “unpredictable” security protocols prove to be?

I hate air travel. It’s too bad US trains suck.

I wasn’t saying US/Western intervention in the Middle East started under Bush, or that even his administration’s actions represented the high water mark (there’s a lot of competition). I was saying that in terms of recent policy changes that could be counted as a net positive in terms of relations with the Middle East, not having Bush as our president was about all we had going for us recently. Obviously Bin Laden’s actions in 9/11 and before were premised on issues preceding Bush II.

I wonder how much is predicated on our support of Israel. I know that back before our recent extremely aggressive actions in Iraq our backing of Israel was the rhetoric you heard the most related to America being “the great satan.” I suppose it is quite an accomplishment for the U.S. to push Israel to a perceived second place on the radical Islam hate list.

Well, there’s a radical imbalance between the quality of life of those trying to create a protective cocoon and those outside of it, in general terms. So that difference can you describe can either be negotiated honestly between the rich and the poor, or it can be used as the margin of error for what can be spent in trying to sustain it. Every empire in history has always gone with option B. The interesting twist is whether the scale of military, economic, and environmental devastation, both already in place and potential, is of a magnitude that is game changing in terms of the gradual decline and fall that inevitably has followed. It seems the leadership of the west is banking on it.

I wonder what the TSA will do if and when someone eventually succeeds and blows up a plane.

Hopefully, something sensible like subjecting all young Muslim males, who are NOT US citizens, to additional screening, whenever they fly to or with in the United States. It seems to work fine for El Al.

Unfortunately, I suspect that nothing less than a couple more big terrorist events will cause us to lose our political correctness.

I’ve always wanted to have a chance to say, legitimately, that if you do that, then the terrorists have already won.

Probably explain how increasing their budget could have prevented it, and maybe throw in a whistleblower explaining how someone outside of the TSA compromised its mission by playing politics or some other marketable catchphrase.

Since I’m sure you’ve thought this through in great detail, how would your plan screen for the necessary amount of Muslimness? Also, please explain how much familiarity you have with the similarities and differences between the security scenarios facing Israel’s airline and the United States’ situation.

I’m so thrilled I get to fly to South Carolina tomorrow. We’ve decided to leave an hour earlier than originally planned to allow for added security stupidity at the airport.

I am so very very glad we’re driving back to Pennsylvania from Massachusetts instead of flying.

I really did not want to find out the hard way what happens when you really need to change a baby’s diaper during the ASSUME THE POSITION AND STAY THERE, CITIZEN final hour of a flight.

I flew to Vegas today from SFO and there was no change. No issues with stuff in my lap, equipment, electronics, etc.

I haven’t but other security official in other countries have thought about and it has proven to be surprisingly effect. An obvious way to screen for Muslimness? (is this word) would be to add a religion question to the Visa application. Failing that noting the name of applicant and their country of origin would be a pretty good proxy. My back of the envelope calculation say this would require roughly 200K- 1 million screening per year and would have subjected every single attempted airline based terrorist attack in this decade to additional scrutiny.

The similarity between the US and Israel security system is that more than 90% of the terrorist attacks on the countries in the last 20 years have been carried out by members of single religion.

Just found this nice video explaining EL Al security. (I’ve flow El Al a couple of times in pre 9/11 days).