Another School shooting

Three dead, shooter captured.

… with a bow and arrow.

Year of the bow?

That whole “We Need To Talk About Kevin” scenario just got a little less ridiculous.

I blame the Hunger Games.

Was he using an assault bow and arrow?

Time to ban high capacity quivers.

Previously, school personnel was warned about the kids dressed in black trench-coats.

Now it’ll be on the lookout for green tights.

Wow, that didn’t take long for the lame jokes to start. I blame the low body count in this case. We’ve seen far worse killing sprees of course. More people are dying in daily traffic also. Are we going to forbid cars? I guess more people slip in showers as well, so we’d have to get rid of those either! Hahaha, imagine a world without showers! We would have to take our baths in rivers and lakes. Of course we could only reach them by fot or bicycle. Hahaha, lol. You know, because cars are also banned. Hahahaha…sooo funny.

This wasn’t really a killing spree. It was some kid who killed his dad, who happened to be working as a professor at a school.

The murderer in this case killed his father, and his father’s girlfriend. It wasn’t really a “school shooting” in the normal sense.

Seems kind of ironic that in a state where you are practically born with a gun in your hand, a school shooting (such as it was) is conducted by bow and arrow.

Agreed. And the killing was done by a “large” knife of some sort. Although he did shoot his father in the head with a +1 composite crossbow.