Another Star Wars movie?

yeah yeah yeah fuck Star Wars, whatever

The rumor is there will be an annoucement this weekend and it will be set in “The Old Republic.” Hope Lucas gets someone else to write and direct. Get Joss Whedon

anyone got a link that isn’t AICN?

Already denied in the same link.

The only thing like that Lucas is doing is the TV show, and that’s to be set during the Clone Wars.

Lucas needs to let other directors play in his sandbox.

If Lucas has taught us one thing, it’s that Jedi (and Star Wars fans) have to learn patience. Next waiting game is for Lucas to kick the bucket, then hopefully we’ll start to see some innovation again.

Why would some other director want to be stuck in Lucas’ sandbox? If the implication is that they’d do a better Star Wars than Lucas, just think what they could do if they just, you know, make their own stuff. Star Wars doesn’t need saving.

Maybe so they could make a totally kick ass movie like The Empire Strikes Back and redeem the franchise?

Because a lot of fans out there like the Star Wars universe but for the most part didn’t like the last batch of Star Wars films made by Lucas.

Count me in that group. I’d love to see another Star Wars movie - but by a different director. I don’t necessarily want Michael Bay or Tony Scott at the helm but I would like to see what directors like Ridley Scott (Blade Runner) or Alfonso Cuaron (Children of Men) or Bryan Singer (X-Men) or Peter Weir (Master and Commander) could pull off. Basically, I’ll take anyone who has a proven track record of making films with solid character development.

That formula certainly worked with Empire. If you look at the extras available on the DVD, you’ll see that Irvin Kershner really focused from day one on building up the characters from the first one, adding emotional depth to them. There were certainly great action sequences also, but for me Empire will always be less about those and more about the character development.

This doesn’t surprise me. Lucas said in an interview a year or so ago that he was open to allowing another director use of the franchise. That said, it’s hard to gauge how much lingering control he’d want to assert over it. One the one hand, he doesn’t need to offer it up to another director, so he’s obviously open to it, but he is also a notorious control freak. I’d like to hope he vets the director at the beginning (allowing in, say, Ridley Scott-types and nixing Michael Bay types) and then just assuming they’d respect the canon.

God, I’d love a sequel trilogy taking place after RotJ. Re-cast people, I don’t care. After the damage the second trilogy did, what’s replacing Ford, Hamil, and Fisher with younger actors going to hurt?

Personally I’d love a whole new story line. As the video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic proved - you don’t have to tap into the vein of the original Star Wars movies in order to tell an engaging story in the Star Wars universe.

I’m not sure I need character development from star wars. If I want lots of character stuff I’d read LOTR or Pride and prejudice. If I want cool space battles and laser swords, I’d watch star wars. If I want proper sci-fi, I’d read Iain Banks. Star wars is for cool space battles and showing off ILM.

It wouldn’t be half the experience it is without the characters. Take Han Solo out and see what you’re left with.

mmm… Imagine… The true nature behind Darth Revan…

I see what you did there.

Yeah, a new story line could be a lot of fun. Something that has ZERO to to with the Jedi. The expanded SW universe is rich as hell with fertile ground for fun movies. A new writer, a new director and a cast of new players and I’d be totally hyped for a new SW movie.

Shadows of the Empire is the best Star Wars film that was never actually made. The book was pretty good, the faux soundtrack by Joel McNeely was great, all they needed to do was to put people in front of a camera.

Other than that, I’d like to see Kyle Katarn on the big screen.

Well Empire wasn’t directed or written by Lucas and it turned out well, so you figure he would have learned something between that and the travesties that were Eps 1-3 (except for the occasional cool fight).

No, see, that’s the problem. He clearly regressed.

Me, I’d totally dig on a trilogy documenting the Mandalorian Wars and the birth of the Sith Empire.

I think Paul Verhoeven should be given the nod.