Another tactical BF2 Server to go around


Since everyone’s hugely into playing in squads here, I’ve got a server set up as an alternative when the TG one gets full (should be very fast ping):
Password: unfairfight

Anyone up for an 8PM PST game?

I’ll be there.



I am so there.

It’s up and running! Join up… unless you’re… brrr-brrruck bruck. Or something.

I wish I could paste into BF2!

Whoever did their UI code should be shot.

Well, fired anyway. It’s amazing the level of crap that EA puts out. Polish, you morons. It’s what seperates the Blizzards from the rest of you clowns.

And the wierd part is that they fixed BF1942 and BFV to have a less-sucky server browser!

We definitely need a standard fallback for the TG server, since it currently is crammed to capacity. I’ll check McMaster’s and this one whenever I can’t get onto TG, or go straight to either if we prearrange an all-Qt3 game.

Is there any possibility to exchange our ICQ/MSN/AIM addys so we could check out if somebody else is on/in/around to play? They should´ve added a buddy list to the UI.

Re : remembering IPs.

Can you not type domains into BF2 ? Its very easy to maintain a dynamic dns. Of course, its upto the server guys to maintain it.

I’ll try tonight. xfire is Slo. :)

my servers still up and running as well.

I was going to say. McMaster was the man with the demo server if we go anywhere as an alternate it should be his machine first.

– Xaroc

Hehe, I appreciate it, but it’s no big deal, if the ping is better to Lurkers, I’ll go there.

The only reason I mention mine is that there really isnt that many of us to justify a larger than 16 player server. If there’s more, then hell yeah. I totally wanna get a regular team together.

I’m only about a 10 hour a week guy, but I’d much rather play on a QT3 private server than a pub.

I’ll play, but I’m already in a competition clan. Good bunch of chaps. Still, if you guys work out some times to meet up or something, I’ll be there.

That’s one of the definite advantages of McMaster’s server.

Just type “” in the IP address slot and you’re good to go.

or or any of my other various domains.