Another tactical BF2 Server to go around

So who wants to buy McMaster the “” domain?

I prefer


So how about trying a session tonight? I don’t care which of the two we play on (and thanks to both of yas for hosting), but it would be fun to get at least 8 of us together for a round or two in between the TG sessions. Maybe, say… 6 pm PST?

I’ll be there tonight 6pm est

A small rant:
The game itself is hella fun, but:

Ok, thanks for telling me the cd key was not where it was, dumbasses.Almost boxed it up and went back to the store.

keybinding- cant bind alt key, basicly had to wipe out my whole config then redo it. If there is a conflict just delete the conflict. The whole keybinding thing is just a fricking mess. Oh, and then if you retrive you id from the demo, which you can’t do on the first screen of multiplayer- which asks you to make a new one, you have to rebind again. Anyone have some nails I can stick in my eyes? that will be more pleasant. Now i’ll have to go through it again to at the Qt3 tag. Woopee.
ah yes, then there is the bind this key and it deletes the key above it…classic from the BF:42 demo. And the if you have nothing in the primary key slot but something in the secondary key slot that key does not work…Sadly I’m not a WASD guy, I play with the orginal Doom setup- you know using the big fat keys on the keyboard that are nice and easy to find without looking down…
Not being able to tweak you video settings on an open map kinda sucks, hard to tweak when you have to reload every time. Only thing my machine is having issues with are the 64 player maps…time for a new video card I suppose.No problem running Doom3/Hl2 at max but this game gives me the chunkies…

Browser- thank god for connect to ip.
The whole runup to getting the game to work was just unpleasant. But like I said the ingame experience is amazing.

Is anyone else having problems with thier joysticks? It works but it seems really touchy compared to flying in BF:V or BF:42. I can barely keep the f-18 in the air. I’ve had to remove my rudder control from the 'stick and place it on the keyboard to make the experience playable.

Have added a domain name to the server through dyndns, which may be slightly easier to remember (see top message of thread).

I’d love to play as well! I love flying choppers but if you need a hand with any other role I’ll take it.

All right, so at 6:00 pm PST this evening (Friday), let’s meet up on Lurker’s server (since he started this thread).

#gonegold (no affiliation to Gone Gold or its ilk) has a 32 player ranked server now. We act like buffoons but are good smart players. QT3 people welcome.