ANother Top 100 list

PC Gamer has come out with another top 50/100 list.

Not saying I disagree with everything, but B&W is number 14? At least CGM and CGW admitted they blew the call on that game.

Also whats up with the list being so dominated by games made in the last few years? This list should be titled “Top 100 of the last 10 years”.

I have fond memories of the the glory days of the Bitmap Brothers too, but ranking Starcraft below Z:Steel Soldiers is nuts. Speedball 2, sure.

GTA2 makes the list, but not GTA3.

I’m glad they stuck Tempest 2000 in there, though.

And coming it at #26:

Planescape Tournament

I’m surprised a game like Shogun Total War even cracked the top 10. Shogun was a good game but a top 10 game?!? And Deus Ex at # 2… Tom should be happy with that!


This list is obviously wrong. If I have time I might post the correct list, but I think I’ll do that some other time.

Planescape Tournament was an interesting idea, but I’m surprised it made #26. It was about a group of immortals trying to frag each other at various moon bases. There was no cheating and everybody won.

FYI. That’s the UK PCGamer. As I recall (as of 1997 at least) that magazine isn’t owned by Imagine and has no relationship to the Coconut Monkey published product. That also explains why the list leans so heavily British.

This is a list from 2001 - they still mention such games as Max Payne and Civilization 3 as soon-to-comes.

Still, I think their #1 game still holds up today. Certainly no game has yet to eclipse it.

They have X-COM at 84? Blasphemy!

Bah! (referring to the whole list in general.)

Looks around frightfully

[size=2]Um, I’ve never played X-Com…?[/size]

Is Rouge Squadron in the list anywhere? Right under Planescape Tournament I presume?

[q]I have fond memories of the the glory days of the Bitmap Brothers too, but ranking Starcraft below Z:Steel Soldiers is nuts. Speedball 2, sure. [/q]
Did you miss the *.uk at the end of the domain name there? That explains a lot as far as I’m concerned.[/i]

That list is PC Gamer UK – it was originally run in their 100th issue (September 2001).

And PC Gamer UK is part of the same happy family as PC Gamer US (Future Network in the UK owns Imagine Media in the US).



Yeah, the list is obviously wacky. Crimson Skies made the list for some reason, but Battlehawks 1942, the flight sim that raised the bar on sims by an order of magnitude in 1988, doesn’t even get a nod. And what about Balance of Power, MULE, The Bard’s Tale, etc. etc. etc…

These guys are smoking crack.

Far worse than that, there’s no mention of Pirates!, either of the Master of Orions (or MoM for that matter), no Infocom games, no reference to several classic RPGS (gold box or Wizardry series or Wasteland).

Some of the picks seem like a cultural difference (I don’t see a soccer management sim drawing in the crowds in the U.S.) but it’s extremely odd listing nonetheless. I do appreciate that they’ve got some gutsy picks that seem chosen on purpose but it’s so weird overall, it’s hard to tell.