Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania - Phase Five kickoff

Just a poster reveal for now.

But hey, you get Kang in his Kang-ness.

Feb 17th, 2023

There was also what people at the event described as a trailer, but no sign of it on official channels for now. Apparently it shows not just Kang but also Modok as well as the ultimate MCU villain Bill Murray.


Gosh I hope it’s as good as the first two. The lower stakes of the first two made them so fun, so I hope that sense of fun isn’t lost.

I’m hopeful, but this trailer is kind of in what I call “Bring Your Own Excitement” territory.

I really like Jonathan Majors in everything I’ve seen, and I’m hopeful the Kang story starts to give some shape to the MCU again, and of course the other Ants-Man have been charming, so I want this to be good. But as trailers go, it’s just a bunch of CGI after one silly joke.

The Baskin-Robbins callback does give me hope, I’ll tell you that.

“There’s something I never told you…”

“Why the fuck didn’t you? Do you people just hold secrets to create drama?”

Did we know Bill Murray was going to be in this?

Yes, that was announced or leaked or something. Still unclear what the role is.

Does it matter?


Gregg Turkington as well.

Which character is the purple girl in the poster?

Apologies if this is in the trailer. I try not to watch those.

I didn’t see her in that outfit in the trailer, but I assume that’s his daughter, Cassie.

Think Cassie shows up in her super suit at the very end around the 1:55 mark.

Also now I have Elton John stuck in my head

Oh okay I guess I missed it.

I have to say… fucking, what?

This being a quote made me think it was in the trailer. If it’s about something bad she did in the Quantum Realm, why should she have to disclose that if she believed she’d never go back?

I didn’t, that was wild.

Maybe I’m over correcting but I’m trying to imagine what someone who’s not already heavily invested in Kang and still willing to cut the MCU more slack than it’s earned in its wildly-inconsistent handling of the multiverse so far (this is me, I’m describing myself) would think.

I mean maybe the other end of that spectrum is just someone who doesn’t care if it’s actually a good movie either because “ooh, Paul Rudd, I’m conditioned to laugh at anything he’s in!”

But somewhere in what may be the vanishing middle ground is someone who wants a good movie regardless of how closely they follow the wiki pages for every character teased and casting announcement, and who does enjoy Paul Rudd but also doesn’t check their brain at the door every time an actor they like is on screen, and this movie might be exactly what they want, it might be the best thing the MCU has done since the original Avengers blew everyone’s mind, but the trailer sure doesn’t convey that.

I got a little carried away and I’m not mad at anyone or anything. I still hope Ant-Man 3 is great and think there’s a chance it could be. I just think this is a boring trailer that only checks the boxes of expectations the extremely online crowd had from the rumor mill two years ago.

I’m sure it’s fine. I’m not looking for hard science or deep emotional stakes in an Ant-Man movie.

It just struck me as an obvious bit of plot scaffolding typical to modern sequel movies.

So the next question is have is wondering if Tom Hiddleston will be in this film?