Antec P182 case question

I recently picked the Antec P182 enclosure for my new gaming machine, and had an issue installing the power supply.

There is a little cage/frame thing that is supposed to go over the power supply to help hold it in place. The thing is, it doesn’t quite fit over my power supply (a Corsair 520HX). I can try to force it over the power supply, but I have to bend the frame a bit, and I don’t think the screw holes are going to line up afterwards.

The top picture on this SPCR link shows the power supply cage in the case:

After all that, my question: Has anyone else encounted this problem with the P182? Is the cage really all that important? I’ve been able to use the mounting holes on the back of the power supply to hold it in place, and I’m wondering if there’s any reason to force the cage onto it.

Edit: Typo’d power supply info.

I have an Antec power supply, and the same case, and I too had problems getting it to fit. The little rubber pads on the cage made it a very tight fit, but it did slip around the power supply and aligned with the screwholes.

I wasn’t too worried about messing it up. Since cage is metal, and if it bends, it will bend back.

Awesome, thanks for the input. Not terribly critical to the process, but it’s good to know what other folks did as well.

Yep, had the same issue here. I have a SmartPower 2.0 500W from Antec and I really had to squish it into the cage. I thought for a bit that I must have been doing something wrong, but eventually I figured that it was just tight and allowed it to bend. Seemed to work out well, and I doubt it’s going to hurt the PSU. ;)

The cage is optional-- you can use the standard rear screws to hold in the PSU. That’s what Mike Chin of SPCR said, and he helped co-design the P18x series.

I had to unscrew the cage from both sides and take it out, wrap it around the power supply (a Seasonic) and put it back in… but it fit.

That said, I don’t really like having doors on my cases, so when I built my linux box I opted for something else. The P182 is huge, though, and fits an 8800GTX with relative ease.