Anthem - BioWare's take on Destiny


Canned gameplay from E3:


Because one uninspired, mediocre, co op console shoooter (destiny) wasn’t enough.

As a pet peeve, I HATE HATE HATE when a game has you in a mech and/or mech suit/powered armor, and it just feels like you’re a normal human soldier on foot (but now with jet pack).


The suits are a mechanic to explain why you have awesome superpowers. And no doubt to get you to want to buy DLC suit upgrades and skins, etc. I don’t particularly mind it, but I suppose if you’re looking for an accurate feel for Iron Man armor, it’s probably not gonna deliver.

The game world looks great. The gameplay is standard stuff, but I can certainly see having a good time for a few weeks playing co-op in that world.

The thing I hate is the competency of the actors they get to voice the ‘players’ in the gameplay demo. I want to see it more true to life.

“Uhh, what key brings up the auto-target?” “Tom you targeted the mortar on our own ship.”
" Oops, I fell off the cliff, can you rez me?"
@Jason_McMaster! Why’d you run me over with that hovercycle?!?!”


This gameplay looked fucking incredible. The snark and cynicism makes zero sense to me.


So totally in.


That was a really cool demo. It’s not really my cup of tea, but they have my attention.


Looks like playing in Iron Man or War Machine’s suit, which is pretty cool. I’m certainly not going to write off based upon a 5 min video.


So what Bioware is this?




so how long do we have to wait for this? I’m either blind or not finding any estimate of release date.


Looks pretty cool, and I’d definitely consider getting it for my PS4 Pro, except for the fact that I just can’t get into multiplayer online gaming at this point in my life. I’m not a Destiny or Overwatch player for the same reason. If it had a single player campaign, then perhaps I could be tempted… But no mention of one, so I guess not.


If it’s like Destiny, then it should be pretty fun to play through in single player.

(And then patched later so that it’s no longer fun in single player).


Is it just me or did the level design in that video seem a little constrained, considering it’s an open world game? High cliffs and waterfalls on both sides, basically nudging you down a corridor. It felt more like a pre-designed mission rather than an open world segment which I assume they were trying to showcase when they came across that tough mob and later a dungeon.

I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this though, Destiny 2 isn’t vibing well with me (tone wise) and this looks a little more grounded.




Coming 2018


RIP Mass Effect…

long live Biowares Destiny!

It looked AMAZING!!.. but a part of me is pissed how quick they are to toss aside Mass Effect. And whens the next Dragon Age??? :-(


PC, Xbox 1 and PS4.


It does have SP per developer twitter.


Great, thanks.


My sister is oddly excited about this, and she dislikes most FPS games.