Anthem - BioWare's take on Destiny


Streaming it now, apparently there is no way to disable HDR(?) so it will look terrible®. :-)


The game looks bland. I hope when I get to play it don’t bore me has much watching streams.


I…I got nothing for you. I think it’s gorgeous.

Aside from some weird hitching in places (loading, perhaps?) its been great so far.

Loved the tutorial (other than echoes being hard to find w no radar at end). Did first mission after that, then some freeplay to get Prospero up and going. Settings at a mix of high and ultra, with solid FPS in 40s with my 1070 at 1440p, which is perfectly fine.

Load screens don’t feel any shorter than demo to me, but everything feels great so far otherwise. Been squished like a bug a couple of times as ranger. Have to remember I’m not a colossus yet.


Loading time is… something they need to fix.

Playing an interceptor… soo much melee-clicking, but good mobility. Good thing I have decent fps as I think it would be an unplayable melee class without it.

I see a few people from qt3 friendslist playing, and some ‘alliance contribution’ with no idea what that is…

Edit: Interesting listing of what is being played on the games list ‘PLAYING: ANTHEM™ LEGION OF DAWN EDITION OUT OF SUIT’… … out of suit, wonder what that edition gives you.


I’m Wessex, but I’ll be playing later today. Gotta work :(


Had very few issues. Had a hard time connecting once and one crash. Enjoying interceptor. Learning to be very mobile.


Yeah, when I played the early access demo, it looked great in 4k on the xBox One X.


Your alliance consists of everyone on your friend list and anyone you play with. You get extra alliance xp for playing with friends. Each week, you get a number of coins based on your alliance level and l think the top 5 xp earners in your alliance. So, it’s a social thing that pays you coins without you having to do anything active.

Actual guilds will be coming in the second update of Act 1, so probably Late March or April.


Ah., I see.

The XP bonus would be nice, but do not really want to jump into anyone elses game as I’m pretty sure their playstyle is more relaxed and less rushing through missions.


After doing one mission with 3 other people I set mine back to Private. I don’t want to sprint between waypoints and find the next steps started before I get there. This is a great looking world and a great way of getting round it - I wand to play around a little. Yes, even on missions :)


For the Alliance thing I could use some friends on Origin. Name there is ImaTarget_ARuSG would like some qt3 buddies.


Added you.

Ran into the freeroam bug… first time trying to go there, stuck at 95% loading. gg.
Moving game to a faster SSD now. Next step is ramdisk to see if it speeds up the minute-long loading.

Edit: not a good idea to use Origin to do that. It runs “touchup” process after moving the files, thereby reinstalling all the extras (again) (msvc++, dx… etc)… Then it says it faile… and now says I no longer have the game installed. Not only that, when you redownload the game, it apparently doesn’t even check the existing files in the folder but starter grabbing it all anew.

Really just amazing…

Edit: So, found out what the problem was. - shoddy workmanship.

During the move process, as the game runs touchup, it will trigger reinstallation of directx and 6 different VisualC++ redistributables :O…

If you had installed the game during that same windows session then the VisualC++ “repair” process
will trigger a ‘reboot required’ and cancel itself. This fails the installation of a component you already had installed and didn’t need to reinstall… which in turns fails the “Touchup” process required to go from “Download/Install” to “Play” in Origin…

And unfortunately, the touchup process runs in quiet mode and doesn’t collect error messages, so you will instead be told fuck all.

For bonus points, after the reboot – and if you had run into the errors above-- you will have to download the game for a 3rd time.


Did you give it a minute at 95%? I know @Oscuros got hung up a couple of times there long enough he thought it had stopped, but it did eventually finish.


According to this: I waited 5 minutes before alt-f4’ing.


Ok, just curious. Certainly shouldn’t take that long.


No worries. The game is playable again now, I think, so we’ll see shortly if it fixed the problems.

Now I get to try the streaming while playing feature as the game is downloaded for a 3rd or 4th time.

Edit: I like how I can ‘accept as solution’ my own post on the EA Forums.
Edit2: Guess I wont be streaming the download while playing after all…


Watching a stream and holy fuck is there too much talking to random NPCs.

They finish a mission and there are 15-20 NPCs to talk to. It’s kind of insane.


You don’t have to talk to all of them, if you don’t want to.


Some of them unlocked stuff, so you kind of do, unless you know which ones you need.


Well, despite what people might have thought, it is still a BioWare game. I like most of the characters so far, especially Owen and Sentinel Brin.