Anthem - BioWare's take on Destiny


There needs to be an option to start in the mission select screen somehow.


Does it ALWAYS nag me about setting it to Private mode?


I think Access members can invite friends into the trial to play today, if anyone’s interested.


You mean like to enter a cave? Or something else?


I haven’t seen any patterns, but it’s incredible annoying every time it happens, especially with those obnoxious load times.


I could see the loading stuff being Frostbite related. I doubt streaming of larger areas is something that DICE has ever really had to worry about in Battlefield, where it’s about loading up one map at a time.

Not trying to trigger anyone, just speculation on my part.


I don’t think anyone has really highlighted this but the flight model is fun


Almost every character is drawn from the BioWare stable.

With that said, when you get the chance, pick Dax. BioWare shows comic moments they haven’t shown before.


Your group must be too far ahead of you, which would display a message. There’s no other reason for a load screen unless transitioning indoors. Play on private or with people that won’t rush ahead.

@Kadath the flight is the single best/most unique thing about the game. It’s so fun, it makes you feel powerful, and it’s intuitive to do. I love playing the game. @Oscuros and I had some pretty nutty fights just on normal earlier. Tense, lots of enemies, having to really think on my feet and time abilities right.

I feel like this is an incredibly solid base to build upon for a long time.

@instant0 there is some feedback when adding someone to the squad (I hadn’t realized it either). It adds a plus sign when you add them. It changes to a star when they accept.


So, completed the main mission. End part was ok-ish… but it seems like it skipped parts of it, or it was very poorly implemented. The 2 second timer after you complete some missions means you can not even loot stuff, so I am wondering if all the stuff left behind from when baddie died was lost or if you get it regardless of picking it up or not.

Guess will have to try playing a mission and get a drop then letting it stay unpicked.

Gotten two masterwork weapons, both of which were for weapon types I had never used before…

Interesting that the story missions have you sometimes start with your team mates so far ahead of you that you upon loading… immediately get a second loading screen.



Also, just a warning, there’s apparently a bug with quickplay that can put you into missions you haven’t done yet.


Heard on Discord yesterday you can do the end-mission at level 3 through quickplay.


Is it really so bad as these impressions convey?

“This game is so much worse than i expected it to be, many many technical issues aside. Entirety of games content can be completed in less than 12 hours, and after that its just doing same missions over and over. SAME THREE MISSIONS, one of which has a generic enemy made into a boss, and the other is literally last mission of the game on repeat. To achive end game rewards you need… to do same missions 100 times. For that you get a decal and a 4000 coins - and one skin set costs like 60k coins. There’s less content in here than in Destiny 1 on release day.”


Called this…like a hundred times over the last few months.

Anyone with even basic experience with loot shooters and latest Bioware games should’ve seen this coming.


No, it’s not as bad as those impressions convey.

I liked a few of the characters and it was ~20 hours before I finished the main story line. I imagine it can be much shorter if you just power through the main quest and ignore all dialog/cutscenes.

The same mission argument can be made against any looter shooter out there…that’s what “end game” is in these things.


Quantity is one thing that can be fixed but Bioware went and turned the word generic into a game.

It’s over.


I think that statements are vastly blown out of proportion but what do I know. I don’t rush my way through games as fast as possible and then whine about not existing end game. I have a ton of fun right now and love the world and like a lot of the NPCs. If it’s only 12 hours of story content then that’s OK with me. But I will agree that then it should not have been a full price game with mtx.


At 15 bucks I more than got my money worth. I feel like I can easily ride this out until Division 2.

I can even see myself coming back if they smooth all the issues out and I’ll happily pay full price at that time.


I already knew this game was gonna be ‘light’ on content, but it isn’t too bad and it can be made very good ala Warframe/Division. Warframe/Divison release were similar in content, though Division had much more varied replayable missions. Ironically this game makes me want to replay the other Bioware MP games like MEA and DA3… both which have MUCH MORE tiered mp content (even discounting the solo campaigns!) but don’t have you go thru the overworld map and so many screens.


Yeah I didn’t pay much attention to online discussion of this game for the first few days and I’m kind of surprised at how negative some people are. Walking around town is a bit of a chore but there are a few characters I enjoy and I’m really having a great time with the flying around fighting stuff parts. I’ve spent all but one mission playing as Interceptor and I’m looking forward to jumping back in tonight.

Also I’m kinda fine with games that don’t have to become like a lifestyle choice. If I get a solid 20 hours out of this and then come back every couple months for some content updates I’m good with that.