Anthem - BioWare's take on Destiny


I thought greens didn’t show up anymore when you hit level 30.


Is this with a luck heavy build, out of curiosity? I know you were having issues with that build before. I swear this game gets half its stats wrong (as I say this I see the posts talking about the overheating time, hah).


I run about 70% Luck on my ranger, which is what I played today.

Ranger is a LOT better now, if you have a full set of the MW components. He’s a self-healing, single-target beast of a javelin. You can stack armor and basically spam combos, all of which do great damage and heal you.


I know you’re done and RNG is RNG, but if you do fire it back up I’d be really curious to see what you were getting without much in the way of the Luck stat!


Oh, I say I’m done. But I say that sort of stupid thing a lot. As soon as BW says something else to spark my irrationally boundless optimism, I’ll be right back for the old familiar sting.

I like the core gameplay of this too much to truly give up.


Apparently the interceptor changes are just as good from what I’m hearing. Also:


This is fantastic. GM2 Heart of Rage that netted only 1 MW.


Some observations…

The Legendary Mission was fun. Seemed like a lot more enemies spawned, and some harder ones in there too. There’s some real irony in it being Incursion though, given how many times I quickplayed into a broken version of it while leveling up. I guess it’s not a guaranteed Masterwork though at GM1?

Elysian Chests are…ok? Out of 3 chests, I got one vinyl, ranger parts, and some crafting materials. Oh, and I used my key, but it failed to open the chest.

I may be imagining it, but I think I’m moving slightly quicker through Tarsis when running?

Insta-loading the Forge was nice, and glad to see them displaying components on the main screen now. And I never knew that apparently Colossus components are bugged and take up two spaces in the vault? No wonder I come close to the 250 limit fairly often.

Performance did seem a little improved. I think I only hitched one time, and it was during that run between Monitor phases in Heart of Rage where there’s a lot of effects going on at once. I also seemed less squishy in GM1 overall, but I also slotted in a few masterwork components tonight so that may have helped.


Legendary missions don’t have a guaranteed masterwork, I don’t think.

I feel faster in the fort too…thought maybe it was the FOV?

And holy cow interceptor is bonkers!


I think there’s nothing out there that says so. Legendary Contracts are a guaranteed masterwork at GM1+, right? If so, I hope they add it to Legendary Missions as well given that they seem more challenging and they’re a bit longer.


I could be wrong. I had hoped they would do a guaranteed weapon, but they definitely did NOT do that (because I remember being disappointed by it). It might have been just a guaranteed masterwork of some sort, though.


Jesus, BioWare needs QA/QC something something.


Maybe they are using the same QA/QC company Microsoft used for a large part of WIndows 10.

Still, not Pools of Radiance 2 (Ruins of Myth Dragor) territory here, so guess that is progress at some level.


MS cut their internal QA for Windows and moved the majority of testing to unpaid volunteers in the Insider program.


Ran GM2 Tyrant Mine and got only crafting embers for a pointless crafting system, blues and purples for loot. BioWare hotfixed their overly-generous loot within 11 hours server-side but this they dawdle on.


Seriously. I know sometimes things come up when you release code to the world, but when your loot-focused patch fundamentally messes up awarding loot, there’s something wrong with your QC process (and likely the underlying systems as well).


Hotfix is up for the guaranteed masterworks and others picking up your loot.


I definitely got my guaranteed masterworks last night on two GM1 quickplay stronghold runs. I don’t know what the averages were like before, but I got 4 masterworks total on each run, which seems a little higher than I was getting over the weekend.

I’ve only run Legendary Missions GM1 twice now, and the loot was very underwhelming compared to spending the same amount of time doing anything else. Both runs were roughly 4-6 blues and purples. Anyone getting better?


Just went back to GM1 after advancing to GM2 and discovered it’s much more efficient to farm GM1 for Legendary loot. Only 8 minutes to complete (including Monitor) Heart of Rage with 700+ javelins.

Yep, 1 legendary for average 2 GM1 runs vs 1-5 for GM2 (20-30min each) makes for more efficient farming.


Can’t say I’m surprised. Just another reason that gm level should influence inscription rolls.