Anthem - BioWare's take on Destiny

After this long, with the shape the game is in, 13k active users at any time is actually higher than I expected.

Another mark of stupidity on the part of BioWare is they haven’t removed the 10 (or was it 15?) minute lockout timer that prevents partial groups from being filled with new bodies when that much time has elapsed. This was implemented when the active player numbers were still high and people were consistently bailing before the end boss fight in Heart of Rage. This caused people who queued up for HoR to get deposited at the boss fight continually for weeks. Now with the waning player count and removal of Elysian chests at end of strongholds, well…

Nevermind the chests worsened odds of good loot by adding in useless crafting materials (embers) for a non-existent crafting system.

This is all tied into bad loot because HoR was calculated to be the most chance of MW/Legendary drops bang for buck. Problem is at the time end bosses had zero chance (vs 1% now) of dropping Legendaries but there were 3 shots in the preceding encounters. So people bailed consistently. This pissed off players for weeks while this happened and prevented challenges involving completing a full HoR as well as hampering gaining Freelancer faction rep.

Stopped by a Redbox while grocery shopping and checked the games they had for sale. Redbox was selling Anthem discs for $24.

Surplus physical stock of Anthem is destined (no pun intended) for the landfill and thrift stores. There were many, many sightings of unsold piles of Mass Effect Andromeda in that aftermath.

What causes the discs to go on sale? If they don’t get rented often enough or if it’s a fixed period of time has elapsed?

More gristle from the rumour mill:

For what it’s worth, more pointless stuff in Fort Tarsis:

Woo! New exciting lore on load screens! Still no proper text chat or loot changes.

Livestream tomorrow should be the usual shitshow.

Honestly, it’s good to see them fixing stuff. And the change to be able to hop around between striders in freeplay is a nice one.

I am surprised that there’s still no loot changes. My only guess (hope?) is they’ve given up experimenting and are doing a complete overhaul on the system.

Yeah, I like the freeplay fast travel option. That’s a good add.

Indicators to the same old broken loot drops. Wtf.

I don’t care. I don’t play for loot drops, I play for content and the joy of the game. As long as I can get some legendary equipment, I’m fine.

  • Fixed visual issues with the curtains at the entrance to the bar in Fort Tarsis.

That took a team of 4-5 people at least a week. ;)

And now today after the patch matchmaking in Anthem is now worse because to prevent you loading into a dungeon solo they make you wait longer until group fills up. With reduced player count (Xbox one has less than 2500 players and the game sold 3 million) people reporting today it never starts dungeon for them now. Because not enough people patched yet.

It’s killed off any remaining people playing GM2/GM3 at not starting after 30+ minutes:

It’s like they continue not to QA any of this.

Funny that they are trying to fix the mess they created. Matchmaking is shit just because there are not enough players. And there are not enough players because the game is shit. Now they come with some sort of solution for an issue with matchmaking that doesn’t exist. If the game was somewhat good, this shouldn’t be even a subject, you would have more than enough players to satisfy every matchmaking needs. So just fix the damn game and stop wasting time on useless self invented problems.


Until there is new content (and better loot management for the Loot crowd), the only thing worth playing is GM1

That’s cold comfort to people who have not yet reached level 30.

Tru Dat. I remember having to do Legendary Missions solo even when there were a lot of people still playing, but I was in that no-man’s land between Finishing the Heart of Rage campaign (at around Level 26) and grinding to 30.

Looks like resource nodes in freeplay broke and don’t spawn at all. Not that the crafting materials were good for anything.