Anthem - BioWare's take on Destiny


Move along, nothing to see here.

This departure is more for Dragon Age though and doesn’t affect Anthem’s already sad state of affairs.

True, but that doesn’t change the fact that its a bad sign for Bioware.

From what I gather he was lead designer on Dragon Age 2, which basically crapped all over the original game and killed my interest in the franchise… Not that I think him abandoning DA4 means it might find its way back to the promise of the original.

I enjoyed Dragon Age Inquisition a lot. Dragon Age 2 was terrible.

They reportedly had to build and release DA2 in only 12 months, so in a talking dog sort of way it’s fantastic. It’s a dog that talks, who cares what it says?

DA2 was shit, but given the timetable I wouldn’t assign blame to the team working on the game. It’s the exact opposite of Anthem in that way.

Loved DA2 characters and some of the story and setting. Limited scope and asset reuse hampered enjoyment. Dumbing down of combat sucked and simple quests predicted same for DAI.

Well, my main issue with DA2 is the change from a strategic high level view of the battlefield with freeform mouse controls, over to moving characters by “driving” an overshoulder camera as a 3rd person action game. Even if you zoom out, you can’t just click somewhere, you need to awkwardly “drive” your cursor in order to issue commands.

This fundamental change in the game design, one that can basically be mapped to strategy PC game (DAO) to action console game (DA2), is my main beef. The limited scope, story and recycled assets are all secondary issues for me.

It sold well and made them tons of money.DAI continued the trend. The old CRPG genre just had fewer fans and was less likely to make money. So they went populist with ARPG leanings.

More content coming tomorrow:

Yay! More RNG for a shallow loot pool with aimless lack of endgame post-Cataclysm!

Interesting that you can like part of DA2, but only focus on hating one part of anthem.

Don’t give me too much credit. I hate all of Anthem–the setting, lore and characters are all wasted on this anti-consumer wreck. The looter shooter components–namely the loot and progression are non-existent. It’s holistically a disappointment. The unused or squandered flight mechanic is the only “good” apart from very well-produced and HQ sound and art assets that went were ultimately utilized in a shitty end product.

The “gameplay loop” most cited as “fun” lifted from Mass Effect Andromeda exists in a vacuum.

They also had waves of enemies that would appear during combat encounters, materializing out of nowhere. So you could never actually strategize beforehand for a battle, because more guys would just drop out of the rafters or whatever.

And the entire ending gauntlet of DA2 is the worst thing I’ve ever done in a Dragon Age game. You spend the entire game talking Anders through his issues, only for the game to go “nope” and completely backtrack on that. Then the mage professor guy who was keeping the peace turns himself into a monster. Then you fight the boss lady and her… magical, living statues. DONE.

It was when I realized this was really how it was all ending, that I realized I really didn’t like DA2.

I’d forgotten and blocked out the shite ending with Anders in DA2. Thanks for reminding me.

Anthem is still utter crap though. 6 months for this and it’s going away in 1 week? A score attack mode with a segregated, instanced map with 5 or so short bullshit breadcrumb quests? A tiny new room at Fort Tarsis behind more useless loading screens. The perfunctory setup for the new Vara Boss villain is schlocky and continues the bad BioWare Proper Noun Villain trend. After that

I played past the breadcrumb missions into the 15min min score attack and the area still has puzzles…that are impossible to do with random people since there is no text chat and no way to communicate except a couple of fixed emotes. Game is still fundamentally shit, since now they just expect you to grind it over and over for RNG drops from the “seasonal” vendor. I got five chests with nothing for the javelin I was playing. Awesome!

Obviously, I can’t/won’t prevent anyone else from enjoying it but the setting, characters are squandered on this inept live service where nothing is “live” nor is there any “service.”

I’ve run about 60 full Cataclysms, 40 of which were in random groups. I’ve had one instance where someone accidentally screwed up a puzzle (Britaheim). One. We got it eventually. The other 39 or so times, there were no real problems.

At least on PC in GM2, most of the players know the basics. People still fail to optimize the scores (typically by doing puzzles before all the arenas are done), but every group I’m in makes it all the way through.

Dude… you’re so sour on this game, you’re viewing everything through crap-colored glasses. Anthem still has big problems and a long way to go, but it’s a heck of a lot better than it was a few months ago.

This is the thing that has concerned me with the Cataclysm plans since it was first announced in February or March or whenever it was. The game suffers from a serious lack of content, I think it’s a massive strategic mistake to spent their time developing content that is temporary in nature. Especially if that content takes them half a year to develop!

I have a wealth of games right now and am not in the mood for Anthem. If I feel like firing it up again in a month or two, I’ll have no new content to experience or reason to come back to the game?

I don’t loathe Anthem, in fact I find playing it really fun, it just lacks content and a good loot chase. I’ve been holding off while I wait for those things to arrive, but it doesn’t sound like it’s happening.

Shit is coloured shit objectively without needing shit-coloured glasses. We will agree to disagree.

“A lot” better is subjective. It’s barely better–the loot pool+system have not changed. There have been no new NPC interactions/voices outside of a handful for this narrow scope of this event. The NPCs in Fort Tarsis still stand mute except for the ones that have the icon bug since launch–one of many unresolved fixes that persist.

Live stream footage of rei playing Anthem:

Surprise, surprise, the loot is still 99% garbage after an expedition if you don’t crash out of it. All purples out of a chest on GM3. You also spend 2+ minutes sharding them manually one-by-one. Legendaries and masterworks are the same shit you saw 6 months ago with the exception of support items and melee which are likely to have shit inscriptions on them.

“Guilds” are not implemented as shared housing, vendor, text chat channels or anything in-game…just a separate mobile chat app. Way to go. This game is trash.

At least the Doctor Harken voice actor has a decent soundalike for Peter Lorre.

The only way this could be improved is if the guild smartphone app came out for Blackberry and Anthem itself used Games For Windows Live.