Anthem - BioWare's take on Destiny

Compare that meaningless weasel word-filled post to Bungie’s plans:

Anthem is being sunset into maintenance mode.

Mini-map, text chat, stat screen, ability to place markers on maps, mass crafting/dismantling, a crafting system of any kind, progression systems, not-worthless loot, ability to drop in and out of games like the fake trailer are all things players have begged for since pre-launch but BioWare has been too incompetent and unwilling to implement.

But sure, they’ll fix the bug of overly generous loot right away.

Bonus: in-game newsfeed item. after they cancelled all future content in Acts.

Guess there’s no one left manning it?

They’ve changed the Featured Store to a weekly rotation from a twice-weekly rotation. They are either not able to create cosmetic items quickly enough, or realize they’re not pulling in the money they thought they would. Or both. Either way, it’s not a good sign.

Bioware: Take months and months and months to add new content.

Bioware: ‘‘so here’s cataclysm! Its a time gated event.’’

People: ‘‘w…wut??’’

Bioware: ‘‘ok its over now stay tuned!’’

Bioware employees: ‘‘sir we eh… we have nothing else…’’

Bioware: ‘‘here guys enjoy cataclysm! fuck me’’

No Roadmap? No worries… Carefree Highway!

Don’t worry @rei a few more months and a few more AAA games from other studios and Anthem will be totally forgotten.

Anthem is my new RIM has no fucking clue thread.

Inept “community manager” responds on his personal Twitter account of in game changes instead of doing his job properly.

To craft an entire in game even for 1 whale, most impressive!

Someone found an Anthem Easter egg in Outer Worlds.


Farewell Chad. I have no idea who you are, or how important your work was to the games you’ve listed, but I’m looking forward to great things.

He’s responsible for the broken networking and servers for an always online multiplayer game. “100% committed to Anthem!” Last re-tweeted an update about it in August.

Maybe his next gig can be working on Demigod 2’s networking.

100% committed to finding a new job since August. ;)

He posted the useless “What’s next for Anthem” post in Sept:

No, I’m sure this goes all the way back to Anthem’s road map. If you look close, I’m sure this was a listed objective.

Yes I know exactly what kind of comments are going to follow but it’s information so here you go.

Game Pass just gave away a free month of EA Access, so I’m hoping to be able to play through the present game during this month. I hope I find it worth my time, like you do.

I’d offer to play with you, but the power disparity between our characters would probably ruin the experience.