Anthem - BioWare's take on Destiny

The overheating mechanic was constant, there really was no tactical point.

If you wanted to fly all the time, there was a specific class for that. Other classes were meant to mix ground and aerial combat.

Strange. I wonder why they made the explicit decision to completely fuck up all but one of the classes and help make the game an even bigger pile of shit in the process.

I’ll be the second guy. Flying felt good and was fun, though managing heat was less so.

Combat always felt dumb and perfunctory to me, and aside from the combo system didn’t really stand out from the “meh” combat in any number of other games.

I loved the combat. All the suits had their own interesting aspects, but the colossus and storm were the best. If most suits were like playing Iron Man, the colossus is playing the Hulk, while also carrying a grenade launcher. Gear up appropriately and you’d be unstoppable inside the colossus. And the storm had such wonderful powers, you could call down an ice or fire storm on a target and wipe it off the map. Heck, I almost want to reinstall so I can fly around and leave little ash spots where my enemies used to be.

Given a lot of combat was flying around, I don’t know how that squares…

I had a similar thought, didn’t really understand flying was good but combat was bad when flying was a pretty big part of the combat.

Darrah and Hudson both resigned from Bioware today

Christian Dailey, the guy in charge of the Anthem 2.0 overhaul, has now taken over Darrah’s role on Dragon Age 4, so who knows what that means Bioware’s misbegotten game.

How has the 2.0 overhaul been going? Is Anthem worth picking up for $9 with the expectation that 2.0 will turn it into a real game?

With the shakeup today, I consider the future development in doubt until we get a statement of some sort (may have been one already, for all I know)

I didn’t realize how significant those people were to the overall health of Bioware projects, so I was just curious how far along 2.0 might have been before this stuff. Good info, thanks.

None of 2.0 has made it into playable form. Only a dev diary or two. It’s probably dead considering Darrah was basically responsible for Anthem shipping at all. Dailey hasn’t had anything major to show either since the game existed for its first two years without any changes.

This Tweet seems to imply it’s still a thing, but I we’re nearly two years out from when Anthem launched, so getting the game back on track and trying to capture interest will be a tall order.

The playthrough to the ‘endgame’ is worth that. I expect you could get it for a month for the $5 EA sub. And that might be coming to Gamepass. Hard to keep up.

fingers crossed

It’s on Xbox Game Pass right now, because of EA Play. I assume it should show up on PC Game Pass shortly along with the other EA titles.

I did pick it up cheaply a while back…6 bucks I think, with the Hope 2.0 will be worth playing. I loved the game at launch, but played on a EA ultimate sub.

That’s really strange, Hudson just came back awhile ago. Have to wonder what is going on.