Anthem - BioWare's take on Destiny


PC download is live. Click “Try it first” button on the store page in Origin.

To get your friend codes, go to:


I didn’t even realize the login servers weren’t up yet. I was greeted with the same screen earlier and now I’m sad.

I also didn’t realize all the weird invite limitations and VIP stuff. Jesus, I don’t even know if I qualify to try it, or when, since they’re staggering play windows out based on how much you’ve ****** their collective *****. I have EA Access on my Xbox, but I haven’t pre-ordered because Bioware hasn’t made a real shooter before, and the combat controls in the ME series were garbage. I’m hoping for the best though.

Right now I’m only holding off on buying Ace Combat 7 until I try this game out. I’m torn between the two.


Servers go live at 9am pacific on Friday.

Ea access (console) or either version of origin (pc) or a preorder gets you into this demo, plus friend codes.


Coolio. I have no friends, so if I get any codes I’ll post them here.


I’m sure I have some codes. I’ll check. I’ve enjoyed what I’ve played, which I assume is the demo coming out.


If anyone has a spare PC code, I could do the favor of using it :P


I assume progress won’t convert over? If so I think I’ll wait till it’s live.


Instead of javelin, they can be called pigskins?


Or Javelina


Correct. The demo starts at level 10 and runs to 15.

By the way folks, the friend codes can be redeemed for any platform.


Preorder on pc enables preload and play for friday demo?


I’d also appreciate a friend code if someone has one to spare.




I would also like to check the demo out, in case someone does get another spare friend code.


Sent my last one to Gedd, but somebody should be able to hook you up.


I can probably provide Xbox demo codes if anyone wants one, though I’m not entirely sure how to do that?


Misguided said

“By the way folks, the friend codes can be redeemed for any platform.”


The friend codes for pc participants can be redeemed on any platform. I’m not clear if console players can get friend codes yet or not

My origin ID is Banfilidh if anybody wants to throw me a friend request to play together


Can’t wait to max-tier my bigly


I have Origin Premiere and have no problem giving out any codes, but couldn’t figure out where they were hidden.