Anthem - BioWare's take on Destiny


Misguided said

“By the way folks, the friend codes can be redeemed for any platform.”


The friend codes for pc participants can be redeemed on any platform. I’m not clear if console players can get friend codes yet or not

My origin ID is Banfilidh if anybody wants to throw me a friend request to play together


Can’t wait to max-tier my bigly


I have Origin Premiere and have no problem giving out any codes, but couldn’t figure out where they were hidden.


Link is there


Thanks LC!


Info for ps4 players, since i didn’t see it anywhere…

To get the demo, you need to go to the main game page in the store (NOT the legion of dawn edition page), and then scroll down, part the legion of dawn bundle.

There is a link to the demo, and you can then download it.


I’ll throw my name on the pile of people interested in a demo code. I would be playing on PC.

Update: Thanks lostcawz


huh is Origin down?


Ok I’m downloading now…


I could use a demo code for the PC also


thanks lostcawz for the code, if Anthem is any good I will get the access premiere thing since I like FIFA


Hmm… Anyone able to get a coffee on the ps4?

I have a pre order, was able to download the game, of course couldn’t do much other than launch it since the servers aren’t up… But I’m not sure if i need to do anything else to get those codes? If i go to the ea link, it still says i have no access to the vip demo.


This is me cordially reminding the world that the rule of dibs has not been honored. I’m not angry. I’m just hurt.


I could use a PC demo code as well!


When/if I get codes to hand out I won’t be scanning the thread to see who needs them, I’ll make a post and ask for requests. I’m too lazy to honor dibs.

Plus, as the great Governor Rod Blagojevich once said, this shit has value. Why would I just give it away for free? Maybe I could trade them for bitcoins or upvotes.


I think I’ve given all my 3. I thought I got the dibs correct, but missed ya MattN. Shame.


I pre-ordered Legion of Dawn edition on PC. Where do I get the friend codes?

And do the friend codes only work with the platform you ordered? Or can you give it to friends on Xbox and PS4?


I believe this is the link to get friend codes.


OK, so that link says if you preordered on PS4 or Xbox One, then friend codes won’t be available until you play the Anthem demo the first time. That seems a little … less than helpful.