Anthem - BioWare's take on Destiny


Weird, PC version is giving me a URL to give out to my friends.


Yeah, that seems to be the case (that console folks won’t get friend codes until the game goes live…I guess so that the servers can validate you are supposed to get friend codes, which is not an issue on pc).

However, it seems anyone can preload the demo (as Timex said). You don’t have to wait for the friend code to do the download, you just won’t be able to get in until you have the code.


Yes, this is all quite clear. I just don’t particularly like it.


Fair. Just trying to help.


Timex typos are the best typos.



cofveve disagrees.



Nice read, thanks. Looking forward to seeing more of what they can do with the “dynamic setting” stuff.


Choose your own adventure mode activated!

You want my next post to be…

  • …positive vibes, optimist about the game
  • …, fears and doubt about the future of the game

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Pessimism is easy, especially when applied to MMO launches. They’re usually some kind of mess.

But I am nonetheless optimistic. I want to see what Bioware, or the remains of Bioware, does with this kind of game. Maybe it’ll be great, or at least very good :) I’m certainly not going to make an emotional investment in its failure.


+1, and because pessimism is easy, pessimism is boring. Don’t be boring.


I’m pretty psyched about this game, I gotta say.

A buddy was in the closed beta, and wasn’t super impressed, mainly because they only had one javelin and couldn’t customize it. It seems that this demo will have a lot more of the customization, which I think is gonna be key to this game being good.


You mean appearance customization, build customization, or both, with respect to your friend.


I’m a pessimist because of EA, but if my doubts are misplaced you can bet I’ll be picking it up.


IGN/BioWare livestream of the demo in action starts in about 20 minutes.


Both, I believe.


They just suggested that they may have crossplay between platforms in the future (although I suspect Sony will say no).

Since there’s no PvP, crossplay would probably be easier since there’d be no balance issues.


That would be huge if we could all play together regardless of platform. I don’t know that many folks planning to buy on Xbox.


I’m planning on at last trying the public demo for Xbox. I like Destiny. I like Warframe. This really looks like it’s turning out somewhere in between the two. I read through that Verge article upthread and like what they’re saying, and similarly the more dynamic nature of the endgame missions.

I the other hand, I have a huge backlog, and Game Pass means it just keeps growing (with a timer attached!), so I’d probably have to be seriously blown away by the demo to pay full price.


I loved Warframe, until it got to the point where you’re playing an angsty teenager instead of a 'frame. Dropped it then, haven’t looked back.